SBS ‘Inkigayo’ Round-up: HI SUHYUN Wins #1 On The November 23, 2014 Episode

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: HI SUHYUN Wins #1 On The November 23
SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: HI SUHYUN Wins #1 On The November 23

SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’ is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-Pop artists.

Great stage settings and fan chants were heard and seen yesterday.

The stars who made their comeback were GOT7 with “Stop Stop It,” Hyolyn & Joo Young showed their chemistry with “Erase,” MAMAMOO are in love with a “Piano Man,” and Nicole made her solo debut with “Mama.” Your nominees were AOA, Kyuhyun, and HI SUHYUN.

The winner for the November 23rd episode was HI SUHYUN for their single titled, “I’m Different.” Congratulations to them! This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday.

Performance Recaps MAMAMOO MAMAMOO definitely do not perform like rookies as they sang their new single titled, “Piano Man.” They receive many fan chants and screams during their performance.

The members wore shiny purple colored trench coats as they interacted with their fans.

MAMAMOO had a great first week of performances.

MAMAMOO is going to keep performing flawlessly each week.

Nicole Former KARA member Nicole wore the proper outfit to match her new solo single.

She wore a black and little white colored dress for her performance.

Nicole made her comeback on ‘Inkigayo’ yesterday.

She sang her new solo single titled, “Mama.” Her fans are glad to see Nicole performing again as they waited patiently for her comeback.

Apink Apink made their comeback on the music show yesterday.

Apink looked like goddesses as they sang their new single titled, “LUV.” The stage was nicely decorated with petals and carnations.

The camera person did a great job on focusing each of the members.

Apink’s music video has been released for their Pink Pandas to watch.

Hyolyn & Joo Young Hyolyn and Joo Young made their hot debut as they sang their new single titled, “Erase.” Joo Young is more comfortable as he sang with his smooth voice.

Hyolyn looked stunning as she wore a white colored female suit.

Joo Young played the handsome guy who enters the bar as he wore a black colored suit.

Hyolyn and Joo Young are definitely showing great chemistry on stage.

GOT7 GOT7 are going to put you in a trance as they made their comeback on the music show yesterday.

GOT7 sang their new single titled, “Stop Stop It.” GOT7 wore loose clothing outfits as they showed their b-boy style.

The stage elevated; which the audience had to look up while the guys were performing.

GOT7 did a great job this week.

HI SUHYUN Lee Hi and Suhyun who are known as HI SUHYUN sang their single titled, “I’m Different.” Bobby was not there to sing with the ladies.

Lee Hi wore a black outfit and Suhyun a pink outfit.

The two sang great and kept the audience entertained.

Congratulations to Lee Hi and Suhyun as they won their first trophy yesterday.

AOA AOA did not have a live performance due to Mina as she was filming for her drama ‘Modern Farmer.’ Though the angels were nominated on ‘Inkigayo.’ The beautiful ladies wore red colored trench coats for their recorded performance as they sang “Like A Cat.” Mina had a lot of camera time since AOA fans are missing her.

Kyuhyun Super Junior member Kyuhyun had a nice stage setting as he sang his great ballad single titled, “At Gwanghwamun.” He sang with his great voice; which he has many fans in South Korea and other countries.

Kyuhyun was nominated, though he did not win another first place trophy.

Lovelyz Woollim Entertainment’s new female group Lovelyz are doing a great job with promotions.

The guys are showing their lovely personalities as they sang their single titled, “Candy Jelly Love.” Lovelyz wore a yellow colored blazer and skirt for their performance yesterday.

Lovelyz had another great week of performances.

Hello Venus Hello Venus who consist of members Nara, Alice, Lime, Seoyoung, Yooyoung, and Yeoreum are stepping up their performance as they wore a nice white colored outfit yesterday.

Hello Venus sang their single titled, “Sticky Sticky.” Their single ranks number thirty-five this week.

Hello Venus are doing a great job of entertaining their fans each week.

Hong Jin Young The beautiful miss Hong Jin Young sang her ballad single titled, “Cheer Up.” She wore a gorgeous red colored dress for her performance yesterday.

Her single ranks number twelve this week.

Boys Republic Boys Republic performed with charisma as they sang their new single titled, “The Real One.” The members wore burgundy colored outfits for their performance yesterday.

The guys received fan chants and screams while the guys were performing.

Boys Republic had a full performance yesterday.

Yoon Hyun Sang Yoon Hyun Sang sang his nice ballad single titled, “Always Be With You.” He sang with his great voice; which the audience enjoyed his calming music.

ALi ALi sang her new single titled, “Crying Hard” on the music show yesterday.

She did not do good during the high pitch, her voice cracked.

Though, she did a good job of expressing the emotion of her new song.

ALi did a good job of entertaining the audience.

BADKIZ Female group BADKIZ performed without shoes as they sang their single titled, “BABOMBA.” The ladies wore hoodies; which viewers commented that they are imitating Crayon Pop.

One person named K.T Fanchant commented, “copies of crayon pop, this is not good.” What is your opinion regarding this group? Are they copying Crayon Pop? HALO HALO wore colorful autumn sweaters as they sang their new single titled, “Come On Now.” The guys has a few fan chants; though hopefully, they will gain more.

HALO’s performance was cut to less than three minutes long yesterday.

One HALO supporter on YouTube whose name is Suzi Valdivia commented, “Halo was amazing, love their new song!!! Halo Fighting!!! ^u^”

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