SBS ‘Inkigayo’ Round-up: Big Bang Wins #1 On The May 10, 2015 Episode

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: Big Bang Wins #1 On The May 10
SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: Big Bang Wins #1 On The May 10

SBS’ Inkigayo  is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-pop stars.

Awesome stage settings and fan chants were all heard and seen on the May 10 episode.

The MC’s were Kim Yoo Jung and Hong Jong Hyun.

Big Bang’s Daesung was the special MC on the music show.

The stars who made their comeback were BESTie with “Excuse Me,” MYNAME with “Just Tell Me,” ELSIE (T-ARA’s Eunjung) said “I’m Good,” BEAST’s Hyunseung made his hot solo debut with “You’re My First,” SECRET’s Hyosung is “Into You,” and Romeo moved swiftly for their debut with “Lovesick.” Your nominees for the May 10 episode were BTS and Big Bang.

Big Bang was nominated for two of their singles.

The winner was Big Bang for their single titled, “Loser.” Congratulations to the guys as they won their third trophy.

This being said, here are the performances that were seen on the May 10 episode.

Performances From The May 10 Episode Hyosung; “Into You” SECRET’s Hyosung is so “Into You” as she made her comeback on the May 10 episode.

Hyosung wore a nice red colored outfit for her performance.

Her new solo single is produced by Duble Sidekick.

The message of the song is regarding a woman who is mesmerized by a guy’s charm after first meeting him.

Hyunseung; “You’re My First” BEAST’s Hyunseung made his solo debut on the May 10 episode.

Hyunseung sang his solo single titled, “You’re My First.” Hyunseung did a great job and showcased his amazing voice to the audience.

Hyunseung has really grown as an artist; which his fans are loving his solo debut.

Rapper Giriboy was featured with Hyunseung.

ELSIE (T-ARA’s Eunjung); “I’m Good” T-ARA’s Eunjung sang her solo single titled, “I’m Good” on the May 10 episode.

For her solo promotions, Eunjung is going as ELSIE for her stage name.

Eunjung wore a beautiful long dress for her performance.

Ki-o was featured; which he showcased his great voice.

Both displayed the emotion of the single very well.

The message of the song is about a love that is no longer fulfilling or satisfying.

Romeo; “Lovesick” Romeo had a beautiful stage setting as they sang their debut single titled, “Lovesick.” Showcasing their quick and swift choreography, Romeo are going to gain fans rapidly.

“They’re good and I think in the future they’ll be even more than good,” wrote YouTube viewer Anka Pavel in a comment posted on the website Sunday.

The members looked great as they wore black colored suits for their debut performance on May 10.

Big Bang; “Bae Bae” and “Loser” Big Bang had the stage nicely decorated with flowers as they sang their single titled, “Bae Bae.” Each of the members showcased their unique personality and entertained the audience.

Big Bang also sang their hit single titled, “Loser.” The stage setting was unique and described the emotion of the song.

The members are not a “loser” as they won another first place trophy.

Their trophy count is now three.

BTS; “I Need U” BTS had another great performance as they sang their hit single titled, “I Need U.” The guys were up for nomination and battled against Big Bang for the first place trophy.

BTS came in second place; which is impressive.

The guys are competing hard and doing a great job.

The message of the song is about the members needing a woman that they truly love.

EXID; “Ah Yeah”   EXID sang their hit single titled, “Ah Yeah” on the May 10 episode.

Like all their previous performances, EXID had another flawless one.

EXID’s single ranks number five this week.

Red Velvet; “Ice Cream Cake” Red Velvet can finally get some rest because they had their goodbye stage performance on May 10.

The ladies sang their single titled, “Ice Cream Cake.” The message of the song is about love being sweet like ice cream.

Red Velvet’s single ranks number 10 on the music show.

Park Bo Ram; “CELEPRETTY” Park Bo Ram had her performance cut to less than three minutes long during the May 10 episode.

Park Bo Ram sang her single titled, “CELEPRETTY”; which means “I Want To Date.” Park Bo Ram wore an adorable yellow colored short dress for her performance.

Her single ranks number eight on the music show’s chart this week.

Jinusean Featuring Katie Kim; “Tell Me One More Time” Jinusean sang their upbeat single titled, “Tell Me One More Time” on the May 10 episode.

K-Pop Star  winner Katie Kim was featured on stage with the guys.

She won on the fourth season of the show.

Katie Kim did a good job as she showcased her unique voice.

Jinusean’s single ranks number nine this week.

Jimin and J.Don; “GOD” AOA’s Jimin and J.Don showed their fierce side as they are a “GOD.” Jimin sang with her unique rapping voice to entertain the audience.

J.Don sings powerfully and showcased his great rap voice as well.

Their single ranks number 26 on the music show’s chart.

BESTie; “Excuse Me” BASTARZ; “Zero of Conduct” M&D; “Moon Crystal” MYNAME; “Just Tell Me” Oh My Girl; “Cupid” Lim Kim; “Love Game” Heart B; “Remember” Shin Ji Soo Featuring Sleeq; “Hey Jude”

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