Saturday Night Live Premier Episode Features Chris Pratt As Star-Lord Performs Comedy Skit About Guardians of the Galaxy And Other Marvel Movies!

Saturday Night Live season premier saw popular American actor Chris Pratt opening the episode with a detailed monologue that talked about the success of his recently released film-Guardians of the Galaxy.

The actor started off with sharing excerpts on how he lost more than sixty pounds to be a part of this movie which has become one of the season’s highest grossing Hollywood flicks for this year.

As the show progressed, Chris Pratt went on to celebrate the success of the movie through a SNL skit dedicated to the awesomeness seen in Marvel movies.

The major part of the skit was focused on highlighting Marvel’s ability to pick up popular comic books and transform them into hugely popular movie series in an absolutely hilarious manner.

The voiceover went on to make fun of some of the flop movies that Marvel had produced naming disasters like Creatures of the Cosmos that saw Chris Pratt in the role of a pastry chef along with a Harlem Globetrotter, an alien as a real estate agent and a dude dressed as Grimace.  In fact, as part of the skit the voiceover also went on to mention the very successful Star Wars series.

This part of the skit also saw Chris Pratt portray the role of Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies.

After the opening skit, the season premiere episode also saw popular American singer & recording artist, Ariana Grande perform her chartbusting number Break Free.

Her performance started with a piano accompaniment and also included some interesting bits of choreography to entertain the audience.

Break Free is the second single after Grande’s hugely successful studio album-My Everything.

These interesting performances remained the high points of Saturday Night Live’s fortieth season premiere episode.

The fun filled performances in the opening episode were appreciated by fans across the globe and started the season with a bang. 

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