Sandara Park’s ‘One Step’ Film: Everything You Need To Know

Sandara Park's 'One Step' Film: Everything You Need To Know

Sandara Park's 'One Step' Film: Everything You Need To Know

The year 2016 had indeed kept Sandara Park. It was a year which had been a rollercoaster ride for  her, as her girl group, 2NE1 has disbanded, leaving her with no option but to take on a solo career. However, this didn’t stop Sandara Park from moving on and achieving greater things in her career. After the infamous 2NE1 breakup, Sandara went for a comeback in the Philippines, as she performed in “Pinoy Boyband Superstar”, which is a Filipino music talent competition.
According to Inquisitr , Sandara is now working on her upcoming movie entitled, “One Step”. It will premiere this month, and will be a debut film of Sandara in the movie industry. The first time that news regarding Sandara’s role in a K-movie surfaced in BNT News and K-pop Herald. Reports suggest that the upcoming movie is all about a girl who had lost all of her memories due to an untimely accident. Sandara Park will play the lead role as Si Hyun. The spice will then start as she gets to meet Ji Il, who is then played by Han Jae Suk. Han Jae Suk is a composer who has a natural talent in music and writing songs. However, due to an undisclosed reason, he prefers to not write anymore songs. The plot of the story will then me more about how they are going to recover the lost part of their selves. There will also be another man who will get in the way of the supposed love story of Si Hyun and Ji Il, and that is going to be Woo Hyuk. The character will be played by Jo Dong. Reports say that he is a guitarist and will support Si Hyun throughout her recovery process. Surely, the upcoming movie, “One Step” will be another Korean blockbuster. This will surely be a masterpiece and stepping stone for Sandara Park.

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