Sandara Park Takes Lead Role In Upcoming ‘One Step’ Musical Film

Sandara Park Takes Lead Role In Upcoming 'One Step' Musical Film

Sandara Park Takes Lead Role In Upcoming 'One Step' Musical Film

Sandara Park is once again experiencing another break in her career as a new and upcoming musical film will star her once more. According to The Jakarta Post , “One Step” will hit theaters on April. This will surely bring back the K-pop sensation, after her group, 2NE1, has disbanded recently. The upcoming movie is said to focus on Si-hyun, a girl who is suffering from memory loss after surviving a serious car accident. Si-hyun will be played by Sandara Park.
Meanwhile, Jee-il, a desperate songwriter will cross paths with Si-hyun, which will then be played by Han. Reports also say that Si-hyun is able to see sounds in color, but is unable to hear music. This will surely bring in a lot of thrill and excitement, knowng that the two characters will vary greatly from each other. The characters will then do their best to know more about Si-hyun’s past. This will be done by completing a song melody that Si-hyun hears herself singing while she sleeps. The musical film will be directed by Juhn Jaihong. He was also the director of the 2008 film, “Beautiful” which managed to make its way in the 58 th  Berlin International Film Festival due to its success. Meanwhile, Park Hye-Kyoung is also said to appear in the upcoming film. According to Soompi , Sandara Park has also recently unveiled that she is very keen in applying blush-on on her face. She also states that she can’t live the house without putting up this specific type of make up on her face. With all of these being said, one can see that Sandara Park is indeed slowly growing and making her way across the K-pop world. Despite her youthful and seemingly innocent personality, she also has a lot of mature dreams and goals in her life, and the upcoming musical film, “One Step” is one of those.

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