Sandara Park News: Former 2NE1 Idol Shares Mad Skills In Drums, Reveals Guesting In ‘The Nation’s Big Three’

Sandara Park News: Former 2NE1 Idol Shares Mad Skills In Drums

Sandara Park News: Former 2NE1 Idol Shares Mad Skills In Drums, Reveals Guesting In 'The Nation's Big Three'

It seems like  former 2NE1 member Sandara Park is an unending well of surprises. She recently shared on her Twitter and Instagram accounts yet another secret talent – playing drums. In her post, the SNS princess and K-pop idol shared a video of her drum session at the studio which surprised a lot of her fans. In her caption, Sandara shared that drumming is her hobby to relieve stress. Many of her fans were impressed by how she was beating out the drums with such swag and skill. Some observed that she still managed to look cute despite the power and energy needed for a drum solo.
Apparently, Sandara’s skills were so on point that The Band Six’s drummer Mr. Red was impressed. He even reposted the Instagram video on his own social media account and asked Sandara and BIG BANG’s Daesung to a jamming session. This is a pretty big compliment from the accomplished professional drummer. “Dude… I remember you told me you were STARTING to play drums, but…. You can ACTUALLY play @daraxxi dope af!.” He said. “Me, you, and Dae need to jam!” It was the hashtags he used actually got the fans’ attention —  #WhosBehindTheCamera #ImDizzy. Admittedly, the hand of the person who shot the footage of Sandara’s drum session was so shaky that it could be mistaken for a found footage film but most of the viewers didn’t seem to mind because they were focused on what the former 2NE1 member was doing. Since 2NE1’s disbandment last year, its members have been quite busy. CL and Minzy are hard at work on their new solo albums while Park Bom has teased that she will also be focusing on a solo album this year. Sandara, aside from being the newest MC of OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty” has also completed her first full length Korean movie, “One Step,” a loose adaptation of Hollywood movie ‘Begin Again” which will be released this April,  Kpopstarz reported In her latest post, Sandara also shared some behind the scenes fun she had with the cast of SBS Now’s “The Nation’s Big Three.” Sandara will be one of the guests for Episode 77 of the show along with CN Blue leader Jung Yonghwa.        

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