Sandara Park Admits G-Dragon As Ideal Type, Idols Possibly Dating

Sandara Park Admits G-Dragon As Ideal Type

Sandara Park Admits G-Dragon As Ideal Type, Idols Possibly Dating

G-Dragon and Sandara Park have been in the spotlight of dating speculations for quite some time now. They are even called as Dragon. Now, new reports came in suggesting that Sandara Park has just unveiled a few hints that there is really something romantic going on between her and G-Dragon. This happened when Sandara Park got the opportunity to describe her ideal type of guy. According to Korea Portal , Sandara Park reveals that the traits that she wants in a guy are that he must have the same interests just like her. She specifically says that she likes a man that is also interested in music, fashion and even in cats.
The K-pop idol then says that she prefers to date a slender guy instead of a muscular person. Perhaps the reason behind this is that she wants to date someone that also looks like her knowing that she has a slender and petite body. According to Celebeat , it was because of these descriptions that most people believe that the person  Sandara Park is describing and is pointing to is no other than Big Bang’s G-Dragon. There are already a lot of rumors and speculations between the two for quite some time now. And despite the numerous speculations about them dating each other, the two firmly stands on their ground that they are not a couple and that they are just mere friends. It is worth knowing that the two have had a photo together where they were hugging each other. It’s because of this that people believed that they are really dating. But then again, the two says that there is no malice in it as G-Dragon is just protecting Sandara Park from the crowd, as the picture was taken in one of their concerts. Whichever the case is, let’s hope that their friendship won’t be affected by the rumors. Let’s wish them the best of luck in their careers and personal lives.

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