Samsung Galaxy S6 Set To Have Release Date The Same Time Next Year; 20 MP Camera And Unibody Aluminum Expected?

With all the flagship phone models already released for this year, tech heads and Samsung fans have their eyes already on the follow up, the Samsung Galaxy S6, expected to have a Release Date set for next year.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date was said to be  called “Project Zero” as told by Digital Trends.

It was called a “dream phone,” where Samsung is reported to work on from scratch to build a new and re-established “Ultimate High End Phone” expected to take on any competition that would stand on its way.

With regards to the specs of the phone, rumors spread around that the future Samsung Galaxy S6 concept may find a sturdier and more advanced looking body with a reportedly aluminum body and a much clearer and bigger screen.

Also, talks about the future flagship model phone may include a 20-megapixel camera that has been reported that Samsung is working on this kind of technology to be added to their models along with all new kinds of sensors for the phone.

This is with regards to the Samsung Galaxy S5 that boasts a 16-MP camera with a new advancement with the fingerprint scanner.

“After the 16-megapixel product, the 20-megapixel product will become the general trend,” a source told

Meanwhile, with regards to the Samsung Galaxy S6 running on Android or Tizen, in a recent interview  with vice president in charge of Android and Chrome at Google, Sundar Pichai in the recently held Mobile World Congress, he confirms not the specs of the future flagship phone of Samsung yet but confirms that the phone would still run on an Android OS.

With the emergence of the South Korean OS, Tizen, and even breaking through some gadgets of Samsung including the new Gear 2, Android confirms that fans of the Samsung flagship phone series will surely still impress its fans with the same look of the Android OS but will surely exceed expectations for more upgrades and advancements on the new phone.

Taken from regarding Sundar Pichai “Finally, he was questioned about Samsung.

According to him, the collaboration with Samsung is ” most boring she looks “.

We must understand that there is no real tension between the two actors, ” who always work as “.

The Gear 2 watches under Tizen? “(…) it is a product among hundreds of others, but I’d rather it uses Android “.

Finally Pichai is sure: ” the next Galaxy S6 run Android “.

It is of course the persistent rumors about the abandonment of Android by Samsung, which prefer equip its flagship Tizen, the next Korean OS.” It may not have been confirmed and it is just rumors that circles the web regarding the phone’s specs but who would know? This technology is not far from happening with what people see with today’s smartphone releases.

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