Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors: Future Flagship Will Be Available In Both Tizen And Android Platforms, To Be Unveiled At MWC 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 is still but a concept, especially when Samsung’s effort seem to be focused on its phablet and tablet devices and the Android 4.3 update is just about to rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

But known for its aggressive push in marketing and forward thinking, it will not be surprising that the future flagship for Asia’s largest technology company is already in the works.

Based on recent report from Valuewalk, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is months away from a release and will possibly unveil the new device on between February 24-27 during the Mobile World Congress.

One of the notable handsets the company unveiled during the MWC was the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus in 2012.

According to the International Business Times, Samsung will offer the Samsung Galaxy S5 in both Android and Tizen platforms and that it will have an enhanced camera, fused with optical image stabilization feature and will have an exterior made of aluminum and magnesium.

Though Tizen is an OS in-development under the supervision of Samsung, the tech giant and Apple supplier is not ready to let go of Android OS for its devices.

The Business Times reported that the South Korean tech giant has delayed the release of a flagship smartphone running on the homemade OS this year.

Samsung CEO Boo-Keun Yoo said that the company plans to use Tizen on connecting all of their devices including mobile phones and tablets.

The closest thing that the company can do, speculates the Business Times, is release the Samsung Galaxy S5 with both an Android and Tizen version.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will also have an optical image stabilization camera which shoots well than digital ones, reported the Business Times.

The new camera technology is already available in Nokia’s PureView cameras and HTC’s “ultrapixel” features.

Optical image stabilization reduces blurring when capturing something in option, compensates panning and tilting the camera, and is compatible with Digital Image Stabilisation.

The special feature stabilizes a recorded image by varying the optical path to the sensor.

Adding to the upgraded specs and two options of phones, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will not come in a plastic casing but will instead be possibly available in an aluminum exterior.

There have been reports claiming that the company sent engineers to Vietnam to investigate the possibility of using aluminum and magnesium components for creating new casing on future Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung has been criticized for lack of innovation on upgrading the physical components used on the body of their devices, which is commonly viewed as cheap and weak against competing devices like HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

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