Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories: Galaxy Watches And Extra Battery Charger Listed, See The Best Add On Gadgets For Your Phone

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories: Galaxy Watches And Extra Battery Charger Listed
Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories: Galaxy Watches And Extra Battery Charger Listed

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S5 hit the market recently and has been a hot topic for techies and Samsung lovers all around the world.

One thing people go crazy about are the accessories that are available for this powerful smartphone.

We take a look at the top 5 Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories that you would surely want for your new device.

Samsung Gear 2 With the emergence of new smartphones and smart watches, the Samsung Gear 2 or the Gear 2 Neo, which is believed by experts to be a game changer in the smart watch game.

With customizable themes that lets you design and match the face of your watch and a changeable strap to fit the mood you are in or match your outfit for the day, these Samsung watches will surely be the best to match with your S5.

(Photo : Twitter) Samsung Gear Fit Getting notifications from your S5 the easiest and most stylish way possible can be through your watch and that’s what exactly the Samsung Gear Fit could offer.

With a changeable band that lets your express yourself with style and a very comfortable wrist support that you could wear all day, this fit watch could be a perfect fit and accessory for all S5 users.

The Gear Fit also comes with a Personalized Fitness Manager that could detect and record your heart rate that could be useful for training and exercises.

Wireless Charging Pad With a wireless charging feature, the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad will be perfect for your Galaxy phone with the wireless charging cover.

By simply having the special cover on your S5, placing your phone on top of the pad will automatically charge the phone by just placing it on top.

Spare Battery Charging System With its main advantage – as advertised – for having a powerful battery, directing to its main competitor, the iPhone, S5’s are advertised for changeable battery and added to that is a portable extra battery charger.

CHIL Strap Stylus With just $10, a stylish and wearable stylus can be put around your arm and be used for your phone.

No need to worry about carrying stylus pens and maybe even losing it when carrying around, the CHIL Strap Stylus can be worn in the most stylish way and be used for your phone as well.

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