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S.E.S’ Bada’s Wedding: Choi Sung-hee Will Affirm Her Wedding Vows At The Yakhyeon Cathedral

S.E.S' Bada's Wedding: Choi Sung-hee Will Affirm Her Wedding Vows At The Yakhyeon Cathedral

Bada of S.E.S is reported  to get married on Mar. 23 at the Yakhyeon Cathedral. On Mar. 20, her agency revealed that Bada will be getting married to a non-celebrity boyfriend who is nine years her junior. The ceremony will be private, but Bada accordingly plans to speak to the press in the afternoon of the wedding day. It was reported in September 2016 that Bada is being romantically involved with a businessman. According to Dramafever , she just announced on social media that she was indeed in love and will be getting married to her boyfriend. The days of being the only single lady in S.E.S. are apparently over for Bada as she prepares to tie the knot with her future lifetime partner. Her boyfriend is reportedly a 28-year-old franchise restaurant owner.
Bada, who is a devout Catholic, attended a Catholic church in Hannam-dong where they purportedly met. Since then the two have reportedly been serious about their relationship. According to Bada, their marriage was only postponed because of her commitments to S.E.S. She apparently was engrossed at her group’s reuniting at the end of last year. Bada told her fans, through a handwritten note on her Instagram account, as reported by Soompi , that the preparations for the wedding have been completed. She added that her two fairy group mates have been married for a while now and she remained a miss. But now, apparently, the wait is over and the two lovers will finally be able to wed. After disbanding in 2003, the members of Korea’s first truly successful female K-pop groups all went their separate ways. Bada had been a musical star in 10 musicals and she even won the Best Actress at a Musical Award. She accordingly got the award by playing Carmen in Korea’s first-ever production of the musical of the same name. With her career path solid as a rock, including her marriage to her beloved boyfriend, life is definitely looking good for one of K-pop’s original girl stars.