Russian Socialite Covers Entire Mercedes Benz With 1 Million Swarovski Crystals: Spends $41,000 For ‘Unique’ Car

 Women love all things sparkly.

We would bedazzle everything that we can get our hands to.

But this socialite takes her love for Swarovski crystals to a whole new level.

The 21-year old Daria Radionova, a Russian socialite used 1 million Swarovski crystals to cover every inch of her 2011 Mercedes CLS 350- from door handles to the Mercedes badges! According to the Daily News, Radiova says the people who did it came from Russia and worked “12 hours a day for two months”.

“I wanted to have something unique and do something special.” The customized Mercedes CLS 350 drew a lot of attention when Radiova parked it outside of the Levin Hotel in Knightsbridge on Monday.

She also uploaded a bunch of photos to her Instagram account, accompanied with the hashtags: #crystal, #crystalcar, #knightsbridge, #harrods and im not an #arab guy (sic)’.

The student says she’s very happy with the tons of attention that she was getting, but can’t help but get a bit scared as she might just hit some onlookers.

“I am really happy with it and I am looking forward to driving it around.

It has only just been finished and everywhere I go people stop to have a look at it.

It gets lots of attention from people walking by and in cars.

Sometimes I think they might crash.” The bedazzles Mercedes truly came alive when day turned into night, and London’s lights glistened off the crystal.

There is no word regarding how much Radionova spent on the transformation.

She, however, took offense when the Daily Mail reported he “just” £25,000 (around $41,000).

She posted on her Facebook page that the “the car is worth more than 25k.” When asked why she decided to cover her bedazzle her Mercedes, she smiles and says: “If you have the cash, why not do it?” Needless to say, she’s really enjoying her new car, but Radiova says if she ever decides to sell it, all proceeds would go to charity.

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