‘Running Man’ Ratings Drop Due To Kim Jong Kook’s Sexist Remarks

'Running Man' Ratings Drop Due To Kim Jong Kook's Sexist Remarks

'Running Man' Ratings Drop Due To Kim Jong Kook's Sexist Remarks

Kim Jong Kook has recently been under fire due to his remarks about his ideal women during one of the scenes in the show, “Running Man”. This was during the April 30 episode when Kim Jong Kook described to Sistar’s Hyolyn what his ideal woman was. During the episode, specifically in the scene where the two were inside a car talking, Sistar’s Hyolyn asked Kim Jong Kook about his ideal women. Because of the question, Kim Jong Kook hastily answers that he, together with a lot of men, would love to date shorter women.
Kim Jong Kook says that the reason behind this is that he doesn’t see tall women be very feminine or woman-like. With this, thousands of people from around the world reacted in a very negative way to Kim Jong Kook, due to the fact that most of them were offended. There were a lot of hate comments that scrutinized Kim Jong Kook’s statement that was deemed to be very offensive. There were also those that says that he had frankly sent out a statement which discriminates women. According to Korea Portal , the “Running Man” ratings had an enormous drop after Kim Jong Kook made his statement. It was also believed that the message of Kim Jong Kook regarding his ideal women was the main reason why the ratings had experienced a massive drop. According to IB Times,  it is also worth noting that “Running Man” has been experiencing rating problems for quite some time now. They even decided to have Jun So Min and Yang Se Chan in the show, but this didn’t prove to be helpful in improving the show’s ratings. With this, the ratings of “Running Man” for the month of April were the lowest that it had since the show started way back in 2010. Currently, Kim Jong Kook still hasn’t issued any apology to his fans and other people who were offended by his message. However, this didn’t stop his other fans from defending him, saying that he has the right to share his own opinions and thoughts.

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