‘Running Man’ Rain & Krystal, Collaboration Stage ‘Perfect Couple’

'Running Man' Rain & Krystal
'Running Man' Rain & Krystal

Rain and f(x) ‘s member Krystal put together a couple stage on ” Running Man “, catching much attention.

On SBS “Running Man” aired on September 27, the cast of the drama ” My Lovely Girl ” appeared as guests.

The game for this day was an ‘audition battle’ where the teams split into ‘My Lovely Girl team’ and ‘Running Man team’.

The third mission was the final round of auditions and the teams had one hour to practice to put together a show.

‘My Lovely Girl team’ performed “Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson, changing up the lyrics.

Rain opened the stage with a solo performance and then did a couple dance with Krystal.

Haha said, “I can’t believe you prepared all this in one hour.”

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