‘Running Man’ Lee Teuk & Hong Jin Young, Battling In Mud

'Running Man' Lee Teuk & Hong Jin Young
'Running Man' Lee Teuk & Hong Jin Young

Lee Teuk and Hong Jin Yong held an intense battle on SBS ” Running Man “.

On SBS “Running Man” airing on November 16, Kim Kyung Ho, Kim Yeon Woo, Bobby Kim, Hong Jin Young, Narsha, Jungin, Lee Teuk, and Kyuhyun will be appearing as guests.

The guests and members will hold an intense battle and the winning team will get the chance to perform at the “Mount Jiri Concert.” Lee Teuk and Hong Jin Young brought up the mood of the show with their skilled entertainment leadership.

Though it was filmed in the countryside, Lee Teuk was able to get the village people there to sing and dance with them, receiving much praise.

Hong Jin Young also showed off her cute charm once again, capturing everyone’s attention.

She shot ‘love bullets’ and winks at whoever asked for it, melting them away with her charm.

The staff said, “It was the best race of the top singers of Korea, filled with both laughter and great music.

We had such a great time.”

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