“Running Man” Bows out: No to Photo Shoots Episode, Fans Remember

Running Man Bows out: No to Photo Shoots Episode

    Now that Running Man has finally bowed out from airtime on major TV, many fans cannot help but recapture some of the hilarious episodes. The offbeat missions and the frustrations they had to endure will be best remembered.
It stayed put for seven years according to allkpop  recently. The followers were glued on the penalty each group will undertake should they fail their mission for the day. Fans at this stage will recall some of the invigorating episodes -the personal and group challenges each one in the cast had to hurdle. One recall, too “humiliating” In the 29th episode of Running Man, a bus loaded with team members headed by Yoo Jae Shook, Ji Seok Jin, and Lee Joon, are back with the face painted in graffiti. In hot shorts, they’re dressed. So thrilled they are that they eventually are transported back. They are just expecting relief from the day’s mission. It was a hot day. In fact, it was rather uncomfortable. All they expected was a quick trip back so they can unwind. To their shock, there is a big crowd waiting for them as they arrived. Used to being dressed and made up to face people; these artists couldn’t feel more humiliated than in this episode per dkpopnews .They don’t have makeup on. Worst there, were in hot shorts! A place to hide While the followers present were having a heyday snapping pictures of them, the cast didn’t know where to hide. The circumstance is shameful to them.That wass running man, part of SBS’s Good Sunday schedule, The variety show was  also made famous under the label of an “urban action variety.”By definition, the setting is urban. The real reason a virtual reality variety show like this runs on Korean television. The missions embarked on show strength, cunning, and endurance by running. In them, a test of courage or fear of the uncertain may be inevitable. The particular episode, however, the necessity presents self-humiliation to face a crowd they typically perform to in their best possible looks and appearance. Today however it is the opposite, face them with the worst features, the most unglamorous characteristics they never expected to meet them with.
Tests of courage, fear of the unknown in any way they come are some of the standing features that this type of show bases on. The perks of appearance
But why is being photographed unmade and not dressed the way an artist is always known for so humiliating among the cast in this episode? The Korean pop culture puts emphasis on looks. Appearance is the key to one’s success in jobs and as an artist. Korean men are ranked one of the world’s makeup users. In fact, they have created the “flower man” culture. The K-pop men wear makeup! A K-pop ritual
The culture of K-pop men sits on being well dressed. The view of a beautiful face is one that is oval, round eyes and long lashes. At this point, could the cast be thinking about that? Researchers say that this fascination for make-up among K-popsters compensates for the features they were not born with. They have almond eyes and yellow skin. Fair skin and pink shades of makeup are what they prefer. The challenge of no make-up is a mission test the running man endures in the episode. It hit the cast and hit them well.This episode will sure have the fans remember pretty well.

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