Royal Pirates, An Encouraging Message For Students In Testing Season “Fighting”

Royal Pirates
Royal Pirates

Band Royal Pirates sent an encouraging message to the students in their testing season.

On November 11, Royal Pirates posted on their Facebook, “Royal Pirates cheers for students in testing season.

Fighting, everyone!” along with a video clip for seniors of high school in their final testing season.

Leader Moon said, “It’s good if you scream, ‘I’m going to do well!’ Say a spell to yourself saying, ‘I can do it.

I’m going to do well.'” Sooyoon suggested listening to classical music or other good music before the test, calming yourself down.

James said, “If you aren’t good at studying, I’m sure you have talents in other genres so don’t be too stressed out.

You studied hard until now so I hope you do your best.” Internet users who saw this commented, “This is so encouraging.

I’ll do well!,” “James is right! Let’s not get stressed and just do our best!,” and “Thank you!”

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