Roy Kim Bleaches His Hair Several Times For His New Album’s Concept!

Roy Kim Bleaches His Hair Several Times For His New Album's Concept!

Roy Kim Bleaches His Hair Several Times For His New Album's Concept!

As Roy Kim confirmed his comeback, the singer has started appearing in TV shows. Roy Kim recently appeared KBS2’s “Entertainment Relay” and revealed something he did for the sake of his album. As reported by Soompi , Roy Kim Appeared on the episode of KBS2’s “Entertainment Relay” which aired on Saturday, May 6. During the episode, the singer wore a black hat and appeared to be hiding his hair. Roy Kim then revealed that he dyed his hair for his promotions for his upcoming album to be released on May 16. Apparently, the singer bleached his hair 9 times for the sake of the album’s concept!
Roy Kim revealed that this was the first time he had done such thing. “I’ve never dyed my hair such a light color before,” said the singer. Also, Roy Kim described his “ideal girl” during the episode. According to the singer, his “ideal girl” is a woman who he can have a good talk with. As previously reported by KpopStarz , Roy Kim’s agency confirmed on April 28 that a new album will be released on Tuesday, May 16. Similarly, the singer confirmed the report during his interview with “Dazed & Confused” for the magazine’s May issue. “Compared to the four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter I would say this album is like a tree welcoming the spring season again,” said Roy Kim in his “Dazed & Confused” magazine interview. The singer was also questioned about how he would like to be known as, music-wise. “In the future, I hope my music can transcend generations so that many will be able to sympathize with it,” replied Roy Kim. The singer added how he would like to create “unpretentious” music. It has been more than a year since Roy Kim released an album. His 2015 album, “The Great Dipper”, was released in 2015 and sold over 7,000 copies and was downloaded digitally 460,000 times.

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