‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ returns, ratings of ‘Hwarang’ cuts by half

‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim' returns

‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim' returns, ratings of 'Hwarang' cuts by half

“Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” returns to air after missing one night due to SBS Music Festival. The return of the highly acclaimed drama made ratings of “Hwarang” to drop by almost half of its previous day. “Hwarang” made a surprising surge of ratings  on Monday, Dec. 26. It suddenly jumped on the Top 10 list of the most-watched TV program on that day. It posted a 13.1 percent ratings in the AGB Nielsen Korea and 11.1 percent in TnMS.
It turned out the absence of “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” is the main reason of the high ratings for “Hwarang” which only gained average 7 percent ratings in the first week of its airing. When highly acclaimed medical drama missed the airtime on Monday, “Hwarang” gained more viewers. The viewers chose to watch the KBS period drama over the the annual year-end music program “SBS Gayo Daejeon” (가요대전). The medical drama has casually grabbed more than 20 percent ratings since the fourth week of its airing. As the drama returned to air on Tuesday, its ratings continue to stay high. “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” Episode 15 ranked 1st in the AGB Nielsen Korea with 23.7 percent ratings and 2nd in the TnMS with 20.6 ratings. While “Hwarang” Episode 4 aired on the exact same day and at the same time dropped to ranked 17th with 7.5 percent ratings and 19th with 7.4 percent in AGB Nielsen and TnMS respectively. A particular scene was even scored 28.23 percent rating according to SBS . The scene when Dong-Joo and Hyun-Jin tried to keep their relationship secret has captivated audience the most with its highest ratings. “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” Episode 15 revealed a condition which made the surgery of CEO Shin to be impossible. He was suffered a later stage of lung cancer, which would endanger his life. Meanwhile his daughter came from from Florida to persuade him to be treated in Geodae Hospital as she was a member of the board in the hospital. Watch the highlight of “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” Episode 15 below:

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