Rockstar Sets ‘GTA 6’ Release Date In 2018? ‘Liberty City’ To Be Included In The Map?

Rockstar Sets 'GTA 6' Release Date In 2018? 'Liberty City' To Be Included In The Map?

Rockstar Sets 'GTA 6' Release Date In 2018? 'Liberty City' To Be Included In The Map?

The release date of “GTA 6” is definitely one of the most anticipated happening in the gaming industry. While there have been many speculations as to when Rockstar will finally unveil the car chase game series, word has it that it may happen sometime between 2018 to 2020, a report from Neurogadget  claimed. Why is the game taking so long? What’s keeping it from hitting the shelves following the highly succesful release of “Grand Theft Auto V” in 2013.

Apparently, N4BB  noted that the success of “GTA 5” might be the very reason why Rockstar has yet to announce a release date for “GTA 6.” The multi-milllion gaming company is said to be making “hundreds of millions of dollars” from the microtransactions of “GTA Online” of the fifth installment of “Grand Theft Auto.” Additionally, “GTA Online” has reportedly exceeded the expected earnings of the company, thus, they did not feel the need to rush the release of “GTA 6.” While, Rockstar has yet to provide any concrete information on the game’s release date, there have been ongoing rumors about its details. Alternatively, the map to the upcoming “GTA 6” is said to include “Liberty City.” The now taken down photos from Rockstar Games employee Adrian Page said to have included images of what seemed to be from “GTA 4’s” Middle Park. It could be remembered that Rockstar boss Leslie Benzies previously stated that the plan is to bring the series to a “one big world.”  “We would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas” he revealed in an interview with Digital Trends .

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