‘Rock Band 4’ To Introduce Campaign Mode! Gamers To Carve Own Band’s Path!

‘Rock Band 4’ To Introduce Campaign Mode! Gamers To Carve Own Band’s Path!
‘Rock Band 4’ To Introduce Campaign Mode! Gamers To Carve Own Band’s Path!

Finally, gamers will experience a more distinct gameplay as “Rock Band 4” will get a new campaign mode! In this feature, gamers will get to lead his band to gigs that will create the band’s identity.

Harmonix Designer Alli Thresher spoke with IGN to give more details about “Rock Band 4” campaign mode.

“When we started looking at all the new features we have in the game, mechanically, it just made sense for us to build this epic, branching story where instead of taking one rise to fame path through the world,” said Thresher.

“You know, you go from your hometown to being the biggest band in the world, you choose…what kind of band you are.” This will be the first “Rock Band” game to implement this feature.

“It really deepens the band fantasy, and it really gives us the opportunity to answer some things we’ve been hearing from fans over the last five years and really, really amp up that feeling and the fantasy and dynamics of being in a band,” said Designer Alli Thresher.

“Making decisions together, charting a path through your careers, building your story as a musician, and figuring out who you are,” he said.

What will make this gameplay feature more exciting is that not only one gamer will make all the decisions but co-players will also have a say on where the band should be heading.

“You can take corporate gigs and make a lot of money as a band, you can take a path to pursue your artistic integrity, and along the way, as you make these choices, the game kind of responds to you,” Thresher explained.

“So, you might take a gig where you decide you are the spokesperson for off-brand salted meats and start your every gig by warming up the crowd telling them how much you like salted meats.

And the crowd is not into it and booing and stuff, and you have to play really, really well to get them over it,” he said.

Thresher shared how “Rock Band 4” campaign mode will begin: “You will start in your hometown, but grow into a worldwide phenomenon.”

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