‘Rock Band 4’ Release Date This Year! Old Instruments Could Still Work On PS4 Or Xbox One Game, Game To Be Played On VR?

‘Rock Band 4’ Release Date This Year! Old Instruments Could Still Work On PS4 Or Xbox One Game
‘Rock Band 4’ Release Date This Year! Old Instruments Could Still Work On PS4 Or Xbox One Game

With “Rock Band 4” officially announced to be released within the year for the newest generation of consoles, Harmonix has revealed that the game would also run at 1080p resolution.

In a report  by We Got This Covered, project manager of the game Eric Pope revealed that the game would run at least 1080p at 60 frames per second on the PS4.

It is however, being speculated by some if the game would run at the same resolution and rate for the Xbox One.

“It’s going to look ‘next-gen’ with more realistic lighting, character models, and animation,” Pope said.

There are no official release dates announced for now but the game is expected to come out before the year ends.

Meanwhile, Harmonix revealed in an IGN interview  that previous generation console owners who switched to the current gen could still enjoy the game by using the same plastic instruments they had for the previous game.

Harmonix CCO Alex Rigopulos revealed that “Rock Band 4” would not only give everyone the chance to relieve the old game using the old instruments, but also provide a game play that would really feel “next gen.” “None of the games in the genre really delivered a lot of innovation, or maybe the right kind of innovation in the experience during that period,” Rigopulos revealed.

“Consumers want something new.

We view it as a responsibility to deliver that innovation this time around.” “Harmonix is working tirelessly to ensure that gamers can make use of legacy music and DLC that they purchased last time around and so [too], we are doing all we can to try and make last-gen hardware compatible with Rock Band 4.” Furthermore, as reported  by PlayStation Lifestyle, Harmonix CEO and President Steve Janiak revealed that the game could possibly have support for VR in the near future.

“Harmonix prides itself on being at the forefront of new technologies,” Janiak said.

“VR is an intriguing frontier, and a great opportunity to fundamentally reinvent how people connect to music.” “For Rock Band, the feeling of playing live music, of really being on stage with the lights and the crowd and the sound enveloping you, that’s the experience we’re trying to deliver with Rock Band 4.

It could be even more incredible and immersive in the context of VR, and we’re excited about the possibilities.”

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