‘Rin-ne’ Anime Episode 1 Review: Rumiko Takahashi’s Series Off To Solid Start

'Rin-ne' Anime Episode 1 Review: Rumiko Takahashi's Series Off To Solid Start
'Rin-ne' Anime Episode 1 Review: Rumiko Takahashi's Series Off To Solid Start


Episode 1 Review Because it’s Rumiko Takahashi, and because I’m a hardcore lobbyist for “Inuyasha,” I couldn’t help but be reminded of the similarities to her most successful series so far.

If anything that’s more refined in this series it is definitely the animation style and the characters.

Sakura is not nearly as off-putting as Kagome seemed in the first episode of that series.

But then there’s the immediately conflict ridden relationship between Sakura and Rinne, and the Hell Robe (sorta like Inuyasha’s robe of the fire rat).

Other than that however, Rinne is its own series.

The dynamic between Sakura and Rinne is still less falsely antagonistic than that of Kagome and Inuyasha.

There’s also a bit less gag humor, but that works for this episode.

I doubt it will be completely absent given Takahashi’s usual style.

As for the story itself, I’m impressed with the way the procedure of the series begins without much exposition about Rinne’s abilities nor Sakura’s.

It’s refreshing in that it doesn’t weigh the episode down and allows the pacing to have the speed of a normal fantasy series.

What’s more is that even without the exposition, the story still easy to follow and enjoyable.

Perhaps the best portion of the episode is the last scene in which Rinne and Sakura are forced to take the corrupted dog spirit to the other side.

The animation style really lends itself to the overall tone of the series.

Specifically, the colors make the light-heartedness of the series work on multiple levels.

Overall, the first episode of “Rinne” was solid if a bit silly in some places.

The strongest portion was definitely the expert plotting and structure if the character development was a bit lacking.

Either way, after “Tokyo Ghoul: Root A,” this kind of fantasy series is a nice breath of relief that everything will be fine in the end.     

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