Ridley Scott Exodus: Gods and Kings Soundtrack Coming From Sony Classical

The original motion picture soundtrack from director Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings will be available for digital download on December 9 and will be released on CD on December 16.

20th Century Fox will release Exodus: Gods and Kings in theaters everywhere on December 12.

The film score for the upcoming epic action-adventure Exodus: Gods and Kings was composed by three-time Academy Award nominee Alberto Iglesias.

Exodus: Gods and Kings tells the story of Moses, played by Christian Bale, as he revolts against Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, played by Joel Edgerton, to set Egyptian slaves free and follows them on their escape from Egypt and the deadly plagues.

Exodus: Gods and Kings director Ridley Scott chose delicate arrangements over orchestral bombast.

The music features Iglesias’ trademark composing style mixed with strings, choir, featured soloists and soulful vocals.

For the score to the biblical epic, Iglesias took on a historic yet modern feel.

The score was record at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles recorded their hits and John Williams recorded the “Star Wars” saga and Howard Shore his epic The Lord of the Rings.

Iglesias is mainly known for his European scores for the past 20 years and for his work with arthouse favorite Pedro Almodovar.

Iglesias won Best Score at the European Film Awards and the World Soundtrack Award for Composer of the Year for Volver for Amodovar.

With The Skin I Live In, Iglesias became the all-time leading Goya recipient in the history of Spanish Cinema and was honored with Composer of the Year Award at the 2011 Hollywood Film Festival.

Iglesias was nominated for Academy Award for his scores for Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, The Constant Gardener and The Kite Runner.

BAFTA also nominated Iglesias for the three scores, He also pulled in a Golden Globe nomination for The Kite Runner.     

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