Rick Ross Inundated With Pear Emoticons After Instagram Fans Learn Of His ‘RossFit’ Weight Loss Program That Includes Popping Champagne & Listening To ‘Hood Billionaire,’ But What About Pears? [VIDEO]

Rick Ross has lost some serious weight in the past few months.

How? Funny Or Die teamed up with the rapper to make a special weight loss video in which he explains his special health and exercise techniques, aka ‘RossFit.’ While the list includes a variety of tips, pears are noticeably from the list; Rozay’s Instagram followers won’t be pleased.

In a hilarious new video  produced by Funny Or Die, Rick Ross lets fans become privy to his unique form of CrossFit , aptly called RossFit (or Ro$Fit).

The first step of the intense weigh loss regiment is to “get the neck muscles flexing by wearing the thickest chains like a hood billionaire would.” Next, “you really want to work your face muscles buy smoking on M cigs or rolling 20 blunts a day.

Aw man I love my fitness ya heard me?” explains Ross.

Third, take a break and eat some wings – lemon and pepper of course.

Then, work your arm muscles by popping champagne bottles and pouring it on some strippers.

Also, make sure you bob your head to “Hood Billionaire” (Rick’s recent album release), have a cereal break, and finish off with a good money bath.

Pears are the most noticeable exclusion from the list, receiving a royal dismissal from Ricky Rozay.

And this comes after he made a “shout out to all the pear” earlier this year in an interview  with Tim Westwood that inspired a vine that went mega-viral.

In the interview, Ross explains “I do this sh-t called CrossFit.

I call it RossFit …

The most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money.

Now they give me fruit to eat, I forgot what fruit tasted like.

I eat pears now and sh-t like that.”

Pears have now become synonymous with Rick Ross, and his fans aren’t letting him forget about it.

On Instagram, the comments sections of his posts are filled with pear emojis.

As Gawker  reports, “Rick Ross now has a full blown meme on his hands, and I hope he doesn’t mind it because it doesn’t appear that he’s escaping it any time soon…Rick Ross has become the most famous pear-eater in America.” There’s never been a better use for the pear emoji in history.

Will Rick Ross make an addendum to “RossFit” to include pears? Poor pears, they must be feeling so rejected right now…

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