Rick And Morty Season 2 Release Date, Preview, Promo, Trailer, And Spoilers: Stephen Colbert, ‘Community’s’ Jim Rash, And Werner Herzog To Do Guest Spots [VIDEO]

Rick and Morty Season 2 is coming summer of 2015, as one of the best new shows on television, let alone one of the best animated shows on tv, summer just isnt going to be fast enough.

In the meantime, here is everything currently known about the show.

A  post  on the show’s official Facebook : “Summer, 2015.

Tell every single person that you know.” Can anyone even wait that long? Den of Geek revealed a possible episode plot, “[The relationship] is not in a good place,” she said.

“Which I feel very good about.” She notes that at the urging of Rick, the fickle couple will test the intergalactic waters to fix their rocky relationship.

“Rick suggested we go off-planet for couples therapy, which we do, and it’s one of my favorite episodes,” Chalke said.

Roiland added: “Rick gets fed up and is like alright that’s it you mother fuckers are going to couples therapy.” So expect intergalactic couples thereapy.

For those of you that don’t know, Rick Sanchez is an alcoholic superscientists who verges on the sociopathic.

After just disapearing for 20 years he shows up at his daugher’s house, converts the garage into a lab, and starts dragging Morty along for “high concept sci fi rigamoral.” At the NYCC it was announced that Jim Rash, Stephen Colbert and Werner Herzog will be doing guest spots for season 2.

In a recent interview with Den of Geek , Roiland and Harmon talked about the possibility of doing another Mr.

Meeseeks episode, ” Roiland:  At some point, probably.

I think so.

I just don’t know how.

We were talking about this earlier; it’s like, we’re being really careful not to bring popular characters back just for the sake of bringing them back.

We want to really make sure it’s an organic reason that we’re writing…

Harmon:  We’re a little worried about the curse of Community, which is that if you do do a call back or exhibit some continuity, even if it’s not deliberately inside, even if it functions on its own, then the critics say, “Oh there’s this thing, it’s called The Human Being or Annie’s Boobs,” and then somehow the culture gets created that the show isn’t appropriate for new viewers, which isn’t true.

I watched that happen to Community and I’m like, “C’mon, no.

This show would be fine to watch [with] the first episode of the fifth season.” So, I kinda feel like if there’s no Meeseeks box in the second season then there can be one in the third.

” Harmon:  We spent a lot of time breaking stories about like, “and then Morty goes back to Cronenberg World, and then blah blah blah”.

There’s a certain ratio of sweat to joy, that when the sweat column gets above a certain level it’s like this isn’t Rick and Morty anymore, this is now some BBC drama.

It’s interesting to see how mindful and protective both Harmon and Roiland are with the show as it heads toward season two.

They don’t want to embrace stunts or fall back on easy crowd pleasing bits from the first season.

Naturally, that may disappoint some, but with all the goodwill that Harmon and Roiland earned last season, they’ve earned a chance to grow the show further before they start testing the foundation they’ve built.” Spinoff Comic Book Resources  were at the panel, and recorded some of what was said.

Speaking on if Morty’s Parents would ever get divorced.

“No,” Parnell replied.

“I think they really love each other.” Roiland added that, “It would be too scary for them to get divorced.” “Couples that don’t fight are the ones that end up breaking up,” Harmon observed.

“I fight with my fiancée all the time because she’s passionate, and the same passion helped her make this Bird Person costume.” “Season 2 is going to be more intergalactic than Season 1,” Harmon teased.

“In Season 1, we learned that we weren’t confined.

We’re mixing it up a lot in Season 2.” “You’ll see different character parents, new cool characters you all haven’t ever seen before,” Roiland added.

“There’s a teensy-weensy bit of the multiverse stuff.

There’s no time traveling, but there’s some time issues that you can all get ready to look forward to.” As previously menitoned Comic Book Resources was actually at the event, so we will use their description of the epsiode screened, “Ridley then introduced a rough clip from the upcoming season, in which Rick brings Morty to a random planet, explaining to him about morals – while selling an alien gun to an assassin.

Afterward, the two use the gun money to entertain themselves at an ar-cade.

Morty stumbles upon a virtual-reality game in which he lives out his life and makes decisions that Rick finds to be lame.” The panelists also introduced a clip from the behind-the-scenes documentary that will appear on the Blu-ray/DVD.

“There’s a commentary track from Dan and me on every single episode,” Roiland said.

“We have three special guest commentary tracks, one from Robert Kirkman, and a Simpsons commentary.

Not going to say who’s on it, but let’s just say the big guy.

The one you’re all thinking of.

First name starts with an M …

We also got Pendleton Ward, who also did a guest commentary track, and of course this awesome, massive 20-minute-long behind-the-scenes featurette documentary.” An eager fan asked if there was any way viewers would get another fun party episode like the season finale “Ricksy Business.” “That’s going to be our ‘Treehouse of Horror’,” Roiland said, referring to The Simpsons’ Halloween tradition.

“We were going to do one of those every season.

There’s another episode.

It’s got a different title but these guys were up till 5 a.m.

writing the B story for it last week.

I’m excited! It’s a Jerry story.” When speaking to  Hitfix, Harmon said, “The reviews have been great.

We had a million viewers at the beginning of the season and ended with close to 2 million.

Everybody around us that usually makes us miserable because all they care about is numbers and money is really thrilled with the show.

To me, it’s to the point of where all of a sudden I can care about ratings and things.

With “Community,” I always have to be like, “Ratings don’t matter,” but for the sake of my own sanity.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are the number one-rated animated show on IMDb.

The important thing about this convention, and I think it’s going to change everything, because I know it changed it for “Community,” there’s no way this simulator imagined the actual sound of a room full of people actually responding.

And we’ve aired an entire series of “Rick and Morty” between these two Comic-Cons, so Justin is about to go out in front of thousands of people and hear for the first time this really weird sound that never really gets out of your bone marrow.” Roiland said, “Last year it was a weird panel because we were pitching it.

We were, like, in this small room in the convention floor.

It felt like we were pitching the show to executives in a big room of them.

I was like, “It’s good, I promise it’s good!” This year we’re going into a room where people presumably all have seen every episode or a significant number of them.

When I said we were in a bubble, I mean production-wise.

We’re working our asses off for Season 2.

You kind of are in a bubble in regards to that, what we’re about to maybe, if you’re not wrong, we get out there and there’s just crickets.” Speaking about Rick’s trademark burps Roiland said, “Yes, they’re real, and they don’t come easy.” Harmon said, “He pays a hard price for those burps.” Roiland continued, ” I swear to God, Sarah [Chalke] comes in and she can just burp like that.

When I learned that I was so bummed and jealous.

I have to sit there with, like, a Miller or just something kind of shitty low-calorie beer, and a water, and I drink it in a really specific way that gets air down into my throat and then I can suck more air in.

I’ll do the line eight times and then finally, oh, here it comes.” “The pilot episode, I burped on every single line.

It took four hours to record, and I went home and I felt like I might need to go to the hospital.

A lot of it didn’t come back out the way it came in, and I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest.

I remember laying in bed holding my stomach and going, “This isn’t going to work!” And then the funniest thing was that Harmon said, “We have to pull back on the burp.” I was like, dammit, I wish I had known that, and also, thank God because I can’t do that.” Rick and Morty Season 2 is in the works and expected for the winter of 2015.

In the meantime check out this rough animation clip shared at comic con.

According to iDigitaltimes.com , the clip includes an homage to Star Trek the Next Generation’s “The Inner Light” episode.

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