RHONJ Teresa Giudice Is DELUSIONAL! [VIDEO] Thinks She Deserves Another Mansion! Dina Melissa And Twins SO DULL, Amber Gets Expected News & Jacqueline Returns To Real Housewives Of New Jersey WHY?

    RHONJ Teresa Giudice is delusional. I cannot believe that Teresa Giudice has the audacity to look for another multimillion dollar mansion while she pleaded guilty to fraud and owed the government over $13 million.

And she even looks down on $1.4 million homes.

Teresa is walking around with a $2,000 designer purse looking for multi-million dollar mansions even though she is a criminal adn has a sentencing in just days where she might get sent to jail!  Where does she get off? Can’t wait till her miniature forehead and huge mouth get thrown in jail! She is delusional and calling herself a ‘businesswomen’ RHONJ, over at over, does not make you a businesswoman.

Teresa sounds completely insane but I’d take her insanity over Dina’s draining voice. Could this Housewives episode be any more dull? You’d think with Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice, and their sentencing date approaching that Jersey Housewives would be gold. 

That is not the case and Real Housewives of New Jersey ratings are at an all time low.

wow, this show has gone down the pooper as I’m getting more and more frustrated Teresa being a spoiled brat trying to gain Housewives fans’ sympathy, and the lame characters and non interesting storylines.

Housewives getting Jacqueline Laurita to return is the lamest attempt to gain ratings.

Jac’s botoxed and filled face is as real as the scripted drama about Santagate in Florida.

Who cares about this rumor whether it is true or not? Who cares what Reno did while he was separated from Nicole? I am so not invested in these new Housewives characters that the rumors are just not juicy.

Not if the rumor was about Joe and Teresa Giudice or even Joe Gorga, maybe I’d tune in.  But the RHONJ newbies mean nothing to me because Nicole and Teresa are cliches of Jersey girls, there are whiny, and they have nothing about them that is interesting. Dina is as entertaining as a dishtowel and this episode was no different for her, She’s getting more boring with each Housewives episode, right? Jacqueline Laurita is a whiny, dull woman with no storyline except her son having autism {which is not entertaining}.

If Bravo thought that Jac’s return was going to bring the ratings up, then the network is just as delusional as Teresa! Amber receives the  shocking  news that she’s finhave to hit my hand to stop it from pressing fast forward on my DVR.

The real news with Teresa Giudice is more interesting than scenes with her filmed months ago.

What did you think of RHONJ this week? Debbie wrote: This show is such a train wreck..Teresa is now businesswoman?  Joe is telling her to get out there and hustle…what a scum….Joe Gorga talks to his wife like she is a hooker, Dina brings nothing, the twins and Amber are a mess, Rino is I don’t even have words for him…Jim and Bobby are beyond boring.

Jacquline has no definition in her face at all – she is one swollen botex filler mess….

But I keep watching it.e (who was hanging onto their seat for that info), and Melissa and the twins have to show off their bathing suits even though they never actually swim.

Real Housewives of New Jersey has gotten so unbearable.     

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