‘Revenge’ Season 4, Episode 19 Preview: Victoria Uses Louise To Take Down Emily? Story Far From Over After Ms. Thorne Reveals She’s Amanda Clarke

Emily Thorne might have revealed her true identity as Amanda Clarke but it doesn’t mean her troubles are over.

“Revenge” season 4, episode 19 spoilers show that Victoria will enlist Louise’s help to take down Emily.

According to TVLine , Victoria and Margaux are not over taking their revenge on Emily as they pored over a photo album.

“And judging by Vicky’s menacing words in the promo (‘She’s left quite a body count’), I’m thinking this is far more than a walk down memory lane,” Andy Swift wrote.

“The episode’s log line also does nothing to quell my fears: ‘Emily faces a promising future as Amanda Clarke…

until Victoria uncovers devastating new secrets from her past.'” The teaser video does show Emily lashing out, “Do you have any idea what you’ve exposed me to?!?” What could be her dark secret that has come back to haunt Emily? “Victoria is even seen making a pit stop at Chez Ross, where it looks like she gets some assistance from Nolan’s future ex-wife Louise.

Will Emily end up paying for Nolan’s indiscretions?” TVLine added.

Cartermatt  reported that “Scandal” ended on a high note with Emily revealing her true identity.

“It could be a few weeks before you really see the story pick up again on ABC.

There is no new episode next week, as the network is preemptively airing ‘The Ten Commandments’ due to it being Easter Sunday, and because they don’t want to compete against that ‘A.D.’ miniseries that is airing on NBC,” it said.

ABC also released a short preview that didn’t reveal much.

“We will instead leave you with some real advice: Emily may now be Amanda Clarke in the public, but prepare for her troubles to increase exponentially.

Nothing in this world ever truly goes away,” Cartermatt noted.

Watch out for more spoilers on “Scandal” season 4, episode 19 which will be published here when they come along.

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