Report: With Apple Watch 2, ‘You Won’t Even Need An iPhone’

Report: With Apple Watch 2

Report: With Apple Watch 2, ‘You Won’t Even Need An iPhone’

  Coming this year is the second generation Apple Watch and new reports point out that the Apple Watch 2 may become completely independent of the iPhone, which is one of the most common qualms of most users. In its report, Breathecast said that according to rumors, buying an Apple Watch 2 will not necessitate one to have an iPhone, suggesting that the second generation smartwatch can essentially work autonomously from the iPhone. Confirming this are recent reports from Wall Street Journal and Forbes that also say Apple Watch will be “iPhone independent.” According to Wall Street Journal, “Apple is working on adding cell-network connectivity and a faster processor to its next-generation Watch, according to people familiar with the matter. With this upgrade, according to Forbes , the Apple Watch 2 will be able to create cellular connectivity giving way to tether-free calling. It would also allow users to receive notifications and app updates even without the connection to a Wi-Fi network. “It would see Apple taking on the likes of Samsung and LG; both Korean companies have smartwatches on the market boasting cell network connectivity,” Forbes wrote. “The Samsung Gear S2 and the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition both tap into AT&T’s NumberSync tech, which acts as a forwarding platform to redirect calls and texts to connected smartwatches using existing cell numbers. Users are also able to read and respond to text messages and listen to voice messages.” With all these upgrades to the Apple Watch, Game N Guide in its report said that the new Apple Watch 2 may just have a higher cost compared to the first generation smartwatch. This, however, may be avoided if Apple, Samsung and Microsoft would unveil the eSIM technology. With the eSIM technology, users would be able to share their existing data plan on their gadgets other than their iPhone or other mobile devices.         

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