Red Velvet Members Irene And Wendy Battle It Out In ‘The Dynamic Duo’

Red Velvet Members Irene And Wendy Battle It Out In 'The Dynamic Duo'

Red Velvet Members Irene And Wendy Battle It Out In 'The Dynamic Duo'

There is no doubt that Red Velvet’s Irene and Wendy are too of the hottest K-pop idols to date. And because of this, we just can’t help but be amazed with all of the different things that they do, no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant it is. In line with this, the two idols have just appeared in tvN’s “The Dynamic Duo”, as they battle it out against the odds that are thrown on them. Just recently, the duo has just stated that they wanted to have a picnic together. Probably this is because they wanted to feel nature and indulge themselves in the wonder of the outside world. Because of this, they fortunately got what they want and thus, were transformed into friendly and jolly school girls. This was where the challenge happened.
In the hit variety show, Irene and Wendy both showed their competitive nature as they did the best of what they can to prove that they are not just all charm and all smiles. In the show they engaged and participated in a series of fierce competitions. According to All K-pop , the two Red Velvet members played different field games. One of the highlights of the field games was when they need to carry a bowl of water by using their heads. Yes, it already sounds that difficult. However, to make things more challenging, the two were blindfolded. This was also where they had the chance to show their flexible bodies as they performed splits. According to NST , after the two had completed all the challenges, the members of “The Dynamic Duo”, praised them. They were also very surprised to know that these girls were that good in playing games. With all of these being said, one can clearly see that Red Velvet, especially Irene and Wendy, are more than just a pretty face. They’re also pretty good when it comes to taking on challenges, no matter what form it is.

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