Red Band Society Season 1 Episode 2: Ratings Down 15%; Introduces Lesbian Parents, Puts The Spotlight On Leo

While “Red Band Society” season 1 debuted with a strong start, its second episode was not able to fare as well, reportedly dropping 15% in the ratings.

The second episode of “Red Band Society” season 1 previewed more of Leo (Charlie Rowe) and Kara (Zoe Levin).

Leo was upset to learn that Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) got to keep his leg while he didn’t.

In what seemed like a teenager’s natural reaction to feelings of unfairness, Leo goes out partying.

He quickly found a girl to flirt and make out with.

The flirting even progressed to them taking it upstairs to assumingly do the deed.

But Leo backed out just as they were about to start, for fear of rejection when the girl sees his leg.

In an interview with TVLine, Rowe, who plays the character of Leo, discussed the trip to the frat party.

“Leo steps over the line,” Rowe said.

“He goes way past the line, in fact, in terms of his physical ability.

He’s thinking ‘I’ll be fine.’ But a few things go wrong, and he realizes he doesn’t actually have the physical power to do this.” He also shared the struggle Leo is going through in terms of accepting his prosthetic leg.

“Leo absolutely wants to be part of a group,” Rowe added.

“He used to be part of a group at school and now, in the hospital, he can see that group is drifting further away.” We were treated to a big revelation early on in “Red Band Society” season 1, as episode two introduced Kara’s parents.

In the season premiere, we were given an impression that Kara had a conventional family.

So it was a complete surprise to learn that Kara’s mother Sara (Andrea Parker) was actually married to her former nanny Daniella (Tricia O’Kelley).

Kara’s feelings about her mom’s marriage to her nanny surfaced.

The conflict was resolved within the episode as the three patched things up and bonded over the “Ellen” show.

“Red Band Society” season 1 returns next Wednesday on Fox.

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