Reason Why Kim Gu Ra Fails To Attend Son’s Graduation Day

Reason Why Kim Gu Ra Fails To Attend Son's Graduation Day

Reason Why Kim Gu Ra Fails To Attend Son's Graduation Day

The high school graduation of MC GREE was just recently broadcasted on “Dad’s Character”. During its March 1 episode, Kim Gu Ra took the opportunity to announce that it was the graduation day of his son, Dong Hyun. He then goes on with his statement saying that he would not be able to attend his son’s graduation due to his very busy schedule early in the morning. He then adds that it is always a coincidence that there is always work for him to do during Dong Hyun’s graduation day.
Kim Gu Ra says that he feels very sorry for being absent in his child’s very special day. According to All K-pop , the opposite thing was felt by MC GREE, as he still was happy and he even celebrated the momentous event with a light heart, even if his dad wasn’t there. MC GREE said that his girlfriend came to his graduation instead of his dad. And because of it, he believes that he will be a more mature MC GREE in the process. He also said that he wasn’t disappointed that his father wasn’t there because he was already used to it ever since he was a child. The only sad thing is that he doesn’t have a picture with his dad. Kim Gu Ra said that he will make it up to his son by taking a bunch of photos with his son in the school. Meanwhile, according to Korea Portal , Kim Gu Ra also gave a word of advice for fellow K-pop idols, T.O.P. and Junsu. He said that hopefully, the two would not mind any of the controversies and intrigues that surrounds them. He adds that they need to survive the training and be productive. For sure, they got what it takes to go through the military training smoothly.

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