R&B Solo Artist Jooyeong Releases “Popstar” MV

R&B Solo Artist Jooyeong Releases "Popstar" MV
R&B Solo Artist Jooyeong Releases "Popstar" MV

In his past tracks, we’ve heard the smooth and talented Jooyoung take on slower tempos in his songs.

But now he’s back with a new (and quite upbeat) track, “Popstar”.

On September 30, 2013 KST, CJ E&M released the comeback music video to Jooyeong’s “Popstar” on their YouTube channel.

The song was produced by one of Asia’s famous producers, Jae Chong of AStar Entertainment who has worked with many artists in Korea, Taiwan, and China.

With the old school soul and funk vibe, the track gives a Michael Jackson feel that makes one want to bust a move on the streets.

Then adding Jooyoung’s flawless vocals to the track gives the extra kick that makes everything come together perfectly.

In the music video, Jooyoung is seen walking around the streets of New York City, admiring his model “popstar”, and at the same time, showing her off to the camera.

Going back and fourth between the out and indoor scenes, the music video is simple and easy to watch.

Not to mention, Jooyoung’s smirks and gaze that will probably, or most likely, make you swoon! Check out the music video below! Written by Lai ( @HighLaife )

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