Rajon Rondo Injury Due To Trampoline Accident? Boston Celtics’ Star Point Guard Under Investigation? Danny Ainge Says ‘No!’

Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics has been out of action for more than a full season, and his awaited comeback after ACL injury will be delayed even further as he got injured-a month before the actual season starts.

Rajon Rondo broke his left hand in a non-sport related accident.

It’s sad and embarrassing at the same time.

ESPN Boston caught up with the beleaguered former All-Star: “Am I under investigation? Certain falls happen and you slip, and I slipped and tried to catch my hand.

It wasn’t like a banana [peel] slip.

I actually almost caught myself.

I landed on my knuckle on the windowsill in my home.

That’s what happened.” However, there were some allegations that he was seen visiting a trampoline park with his kids.

There were some doubts that this might be the actual cause of the injury.

Rondo vehemently denies this: “I didn’t jump that day.

I just let my kids play and run off some steam.

It was a school night, so I wanted to go about 45 minutes.

People were really nice there; they let me in for free — that was good.” “That night, I went home and that’s when the incident happened.

It didn’t happen at all at the trampoline place.” Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge refuses to push the issue any further: “We’re not investigators.” “What makes this story even more unique was, this summer, I was in Vegas and I was staying at the Wynn hotel.

I came out of the shower and slipped and smashed my head.

I had to go to the emergency room and get my head glued.

I spent the night at the emergency room.

I guess it’s not so shocking to me that that’s possible.

“Talking to our medical staff, it’s an injury that does happen when you land.

It’s not like a hitting injury, or a hitting a wall injury, or something like that.

It’s an injury that usually happens in the third metacarpal.

I wasn’t certain it was exactly what happened, but I went to visit with Rondo at his home the other day.

I had no reason to not believe Rajon.” Professional athletes are paid millions.

In Rondo’s case, he’s being paid $ 12 million even without playing.

They are obliged to keep themselves in playing condition as much as they can.

The Celtics do not doubt that their athlete fulfilled that-and that’s the end of it.


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