Rain to comeback early next year, to visit ‘Knowing Brothers’

Rain to comeback early next year

Rain to comeback early next year, to visit ‘Knowing Brothers’

It has been reported that Rain, the actor and solo singer, will be having a comeback next year in January. He will be coming back as a singer and not an actor. Rain announced that he will be coming back in January next year. There have been no details about the specific date and the release of the song. Also, there is no news yet about whether Rain will release just a digital single or a mini album or a full album. It was also reported that Rain would be visiting JTBC’s famous variety show “Knowing Brothers.” There are many idol groups, solo singers, and actors who became guests of “Knowing Brothers” before their comeback to promote as many people watch it.
It will be good for Rain to go to that variety show since people will remember how playful he is on variety shows. Rain’s last comeback was back in 2014. He released “30 Sexy” and “LA Song.” His last drama was “Come Back, Mister” starring Oh Yeon Seo and that was released this year. After finishing his military enlistment, Rain has been touring China and Japan for his “The Squall” world tour. He will finish the tour this December. Rain is known as one of the first Korean stars to have successfully entered the American market. He has made a movie “Ninja Assassin” in Hollywood. He did have a great fame and success in Korea, but after his military enlistment controversy, his fame dwindled. His name as tarnished after the “room salon” issue he encountered. However, there are still many Rain fans who believe in him. Also, his dating rumors, eventually confirming) with Kim Tae Hee helped him recover his name. Are you excited for Rain’s comeback? While waiting for his comeback, watch Rain’s “30 Sexy” and “LA Song” MVs.

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