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Rain and Kim Tae Hee Relationship: ‘Stairway To Heaven Actress Wants To Have a Baby Right Away

Rain and Kim Tae Hee Relationship: 'Stairway To Heaven Actress Wants To Have a Baby Right Away

Newlyweds Rain and Kim Tae Hee want to have a baby as soon as possible. According to the happy couple, they are currently very satisfied with how the first months of marriage are progressing but they wouldn’t mind having a baby straight away. Kim Tae Hee recently did an interview that was aired on “Brave Reporters 3,” All Kpop reported.  Based on the chance interview, the actress was asked whether it was true that she had a pregnancy test to determine whether she was with child.
“We wish it were true,” Kim Tae Hee said. “However, that’s definitely not the case.” Kim Tae Hee, however, shared some stories from her beautiful wedding with Rain. While many people thought that it was a coincidence that Tae Hee’s best friend, Honey Lee, caught the wedding bouquet by pure coincidence, it turned out the happy couple actually conspired to make it happen. According to Kim Tae Hee, she and Rain actually planned it ahead. It was actually the “Diamond Lover” actor who suggested to throw the bouquet at Honey Lee. Kim Tae Hee also shared that she is very happy living with Rain’s family for now. She said that she is enjoying doing wifely things that a normal housewife would do like cooking dinner for her family.  Kim Tae Hee happily shared that she feels no pressure from her in-laws and that they have a very good relationship. In an earlier report by Soompi , Kim Tae Hee may be going back to work soon. According to sources, the actress will soon be meeting for a role in a new drama or movie. If this materializes, this will serve as Kim Tae Hee’s comeback after the successful series Yong Pal which aired in 2015. Rain, on the other hand, made a successful music comeback with “The Best Effect” in which he collaborated with producer PSY.