Rafael Nadal Focuses On French Open 2015, Not On Girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello: King Of Clay Begins Training After Crashing Out Of Miami Open To Fernando Verdasco

Rafael Nadal Focuses On French Open 2015
Rafael Nadal Focuses On French Open 2015

Rafael Nadal has a daunting task in front of him – to regain his old glory at French Open 2015.

Seeing how the King of Clay has slipped in Miami Open, being defeated by his countryman Fernando Verdasco, Rafael Nadal seems to have deprioritized his relationship with his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello.

According to Daily Mail, “Rafael Nadal has already begun his preparations for the clay court season after crashing out of the Miami Open 2015 third round.

The Spaniard’s trademark powerful forehand deserted him in the defeat to Fernando Verdasco in the United States but it appeared to be in searing condition in a training video Nadal shared.

“The footage shows him sidestepping around a drinks bottle before getting into position to return on the forehand as he gears up to attempt to win the French Open for the 10th time.” Sounds like the King of Clay is looking to hold up his reputation at this year’s French Open.

Rafael Nadal won his first title in nine months at this year’s Argentina Open.

That definitely put him in the mood to talk about his future with girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello.

But that changed when Fernando Verdasco put him to his place at Miami Open.

Tennis Magazine reports that according to an interview the King of Clay gave to La Nacion, he expressed an interest to have kids and start his own family soon.

He said, “I am quite a family person, my education has been towards family.

You never know what will happen in the future, but I understand that I will form a family, have kids, I do not know how much.

I love children, but one does not decide unilaterally, it takes two.

I would like to have more children, but I cannot say whether two, three or four.” Health has been a big part of Rafael Nadal’s recent withdraw from tennis games so his comeback at Argentina Open means a lot to the king of clay.

His left wrist injury stopped him from participating in any tennis tournaments after US Open 2014.

When his appendix gave out towards the end of the year, he really had to pull out of major tournaments.

Before his wins at Argentina Open, Rafa Nadal seemed pretty downcast in the way he was foreseeing his career unfold.

“Every match is hard,” Nadal told reporters.

“It’s a re-starting for me and we’ll see how I am.

I’m confident I’m going to keep improving in practice.

All the comebacks [from injury] are tough.

Every match is dangerous, even when you are in good shape, so imagine if you’ve only played as much as I have the last few months.” Lindsay Davenport, former world number 1 and TV commentator remarked that she can see Rafael Nadal slowly withdrawing from the tennis scene soon.

“This could be his last big run in the next couple of years,” she said.

“He’s becoming less and less of a threat at Wimbledon as the years have gone by.

He plays one of the most taxing games in the history of tennis – he has to grind.

It’s hard to maintain that at the very top level.” Do you think his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello can inspire him to dominate at French Open 2015? Let me know in the comments below.

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