Rachel Bilson Retreats After ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Cancellation, ‘OC’ Reunion And Birth Of Baby Girl Briar Rose? Husband Hayden Christensen Gets Cast In ‘Marco Polo’

Rachel Bilson Retreats After ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Cancellation
Rachel Bilson Retreats After ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Cancellation

Rachel Bilson is taking a backseat to reassess her career post “Hart of Dixie” cancellation.

It seems like her “OC” reunion and the birth of her baby girl Briar Rose has been a little too much for the “Hart of Dixie” star as she tries to plan out her next step!

Meanwhile, her husband Hayden Christensen figured out his next career movie by getting cast in “Marco Polo”.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “The actor, who famously portrayed Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels, will star in Marco Polo, the co-production between Paramount and China Film Group.

Also involved are Chinese firms Yuehua Entertainment and Huahua Film & Media Culture, as well Phoenix Entertainment, who all are co-producing the project.” Let’s hope that Rachel Bilson doesn’t feel like she has to overcompensate now.

Rachel Bilson may feel that her married life got a little shaken up after hearing about ‘Hart of Dixie’ cancellation and the birth of her baby girl Briar Rose.

So her husband Hayden Christensen promptly took her out of Los Angeles to get her bearings straight.

Good thing that her husband Hayden Christensen and her baby girl Briar Rose is there for her as the actress looks beyond Los Angeles.

And who knows, maybe a better gig will roll around after ‘Hart of Dixie’ cancellation! According to WebProNews, “Rachel Bilson and Autumn Reeser, who once starred together on The O.C., were reunited on Hart of Dixie‘s fourth season finale on Friday, Mar.


Autumn Reeser guest-starred as Olivia Green, the new lawyer in town that takes over for George Tucker, played by Scott Porter.

Reeser’s character has a connection with Dr.

Zoe Hart (Bilson) because they both come from the big city and struggle to adjust to the quieter life of small-town Alabama.” Sounds like Rachel Bilson is ready to quit ‘Hart of Dixie’ for bigger and better things! Rachel Bilson now is focusing her energy on her husband Hayden Christensen and her baby girl Briar Rose after hearing that her show ‘Hart of Dixie’ is cancelled for sure.

Good thing that ‘90 MInutes in Heaven’ actor and Rachel flew out of Los Angeles before the cancelled news hit the media town.

Good thing that she also has her ‘The OC’ friend Autumn Reeser with her.

Seeing how Rachel Bilson newly became a mother, ‘Hart of Dixie’ being cancelled may be a blessing in disguise.

She can now spend more time with Briar Rose! Ever since she gave birth to her first baby girl in Los Angeles, Rachel Bilson has been requesting that they keep her baby girl out of the public eye.

But now, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have quit Los Angeles with their daughter Briar Rose so that they can all get away from the madness of the city.

Looks like privacy is much more important than career to Rachel Bilson than anything else! Not only is she sacrificing herself to pull out of Los Angeles, she is spending months after her hard pregnancy on the road for ‘90 Minutes in Heaven’ actor.

I’m sure that their daughter will thank them for sparing her from the intense air travel.

When do you think Rachel and Hayden will return to Los Angeles with their baby girl? Do you think that’s a good choice for their daughter? Let me know in the comments below!

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