Rachel Bilson Relieved By ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Season 5 Cancellation? ‘OC’ Actress, Baby Girl Briar Rose And Husband Hayden Christensen Take Break From CW And Los Angeles

Rachel Bilson Relieved By ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Season 5 Cancellation? ‘OC’ Actress
Rachel Bilson Relieved By ‘Hart Of Dixie’ Season 5 Cancellation? ‘OC’ Actress

Rachel Bilson may actually be relieved by the ‘Hart of Dixie’ season 5 cancellation news.

Because there was a rumor going around that ex ‘OC’ actress was getting replaced for ‘Hart of Dixie’ season 5, this confirmation shows that she can relax with her baby girl Briar Rose and husband Hayden Christensen.

According to Daily Mail, “Hart Of Dixie has now been canceled after four seasons following a series of statements from its cast and creator that foretold of its end months ago.

Still, The CW network announced on Thursday what many observers already expected – that the program has been axed and will not return for a fifth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.” Rachel Bilson probably was angry about the fact that the media has been going back and forth between stories about ‘Hart of Dixie’ season 5 renewal and cancellation.

Seeing how the ‘OC’ actress just had her first baby girl, she probably wants to step back from the media circus and take a break from Los Angeles with her husband Hayden Christensen.

There also has been speculations that Rachel Bilson gave up on ‘Hart of Dixie’ season 5 because of her baby girl Briar Rose.

But for the time being, Rachel Bilson and her husband Hayden Christensen are protecting their daughter’s privacy outside of Los Angeles.

Rachel Bilson is taking a backseat to reassess her career post “Hart of Dixie” cancellation.

It seems like her “OC” reunion and the birth of her baby girl Briar Rose has been a little too much for the “Hart of Dixie” star as she tries to plan out her next step! Rachel Bilson may feel that her married life got a little shaken up after hearing about ‘Hart of Dixie’ cancellation and the birth of her baby girl Briar Rose.

So her husband Hayden Christensen promptly took her out of Los Angeles to get her bearings straight.

Sounds like Rachel Bilson is ready to quit ‘Hart of Dixie’ for bigger and better things! Rachel Bilson now is focusing her energy on her husband Hayden Christensen and her baby girl Briar Rose after hearing that her show ‘Hart of Dixie’ is cancelled for sure.

Good thing that ‘90 MInutes in Heaven’ actor and Rachel flew out of Los Angeles before the cancelled news hit the media town.

Ever since she gave birth to her first baby girl in Los Angeles, Rachel Bilson has been requesting that they keep her baby girl out of the public eye.

Looks like privacy is much more important than career to Rachel Bilson than anything else! When do you think Rachel and Hayden will return to Los Angeles with their baby girl? Do you think that’s a good choice for their daughter? Let me know in the comments below!

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