‘Punch Line’ Anime Episode 2 Review: Ito Picks Up A Bear

'Punch Line' Anime Episode 2 Review: Ito Picks Up A Bear
'Punch Line' Anime Episode 2 Review: Ito Picks Up A Bear


  Episode 2 “The Lace of Compassion” This week’s episode seems to be about all the humor you can get out of the multimedia within the anime medium.

That is to say, visual and audio humor is rampant.

Unfortunately, because of the constant gags, this week’s episode was particularly hard to follow in terms of story.

Moreover, because the alleged main character Iridatsu fails to lead this episode, it’s hard to know which gags are meaningful and which gags are merely there for the sake of comedy.

In fact, the lack of clear goals (other than Iridatsu learning to control his reactions to panties) is perhaps the biggest problem with this episode.

While I’m mostly on board with absurd humor (read as: I enjoyed “Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi”), without some clear through line, it is easy for the show to lose its comedic potency as you spend too much time trying to figure out why something is funny.

I suppose I could buy into the idea that “Punch Line” is setting up the secondary plot in the series to just be slice of life for the women of that house, but for some reason it does not work that well in this episode.

The only thing that salvages this week’s episode of “Punch Line” is the moment when it is revealed that Ito left home due to issues with her family.

That emotional pay off makes some of the craziness of the previous 15 minutes of random gags pull together.

But the uncertainty of what exactly the audience is watching is what may make this series difficult over time.

But then again, I must admit, I don’t want to stop watching just yet.


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