Psy Revealed His Story Of Cross-Dressing On ‘Radio Star’

Psy Revealed His Story Of Cross-Dressing On 'Radio Star'

Psy Revealed His Story Of Cross-Dressing On 'Radio Star'

Psy just made an appearance as a guest on “Radio Star” on May 17 and he shared his story about doing cross-dressing on stage. He revealed that his daughter gave him a hard question about his way of dressing. Psy started doing a cross-dressing back in 2013 and he is still doing it now. He is known as the king of performance and he always shows something new to his fans. The special MC of “Radio Star” Kang Seung Yoon suddenly revealed an old video of Psy doing cross-dressing. Then, Psy commented that his daughter kept on asking him why he had fire coming out of his chest, AllKpop  reported.
At that time, Psy’s daughter was in her elementary school so she didn’t understand the concept of his dad’s performance. Psy also added that at first, he didn’t know the cross-dressing would work or not but then he came up on stage wearing a dress with two cones on his chest exploding fire. Meanwhile, Psy just made a comeback with his eighth album “4 X 2 = 8” and he released two MVs of “New Face” and “I LUV IT.” Both songs are the title tracks of his new album and he worked with Zico and Yoo Gun Hyung, AllKpop  reported. Both “New Face” and “I LUV IT” MVs are hilarious as the signature performance of Psy and after the release, “I LUV IT” achieved an all-kill, AllKpop  reported. Psy also hit number one on Billboard +Trending Twitter 140 chart with “I LUV IT” and it followed by “New Face” on number two, Billboard  reported. Psy received his international popularity first with “Gangnam Style” and he has been giving fans with new fresh songs. His comeback in 2017 is really not disappointing and he will continue promoting his songs on various music shows. Recently, he also made his appearance on variety shows to make him get closer to his fans. Read Next: Park Hyung Sik Showed His Gentle Acts To Park Bo Young In Singapore

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