Psy Corruption Scandal: How The ‘Gangnam Style’ Hitmaker Got Involved

Psy Corruption Scandal: How The 'Gangnam Style' Hitmaker Got Involved

Psy Corruption Scandal: How The 'Gangnam Style' Hitmaker Got Involved

In 2012, PSY became internationally popular on Youtube for gaining billions of view on his song’s music video “Gangnam Style” and followed by another track “Gentleman”. PSY have been in talks, entertainment and music but because of his upraised status, it possibly acquainted PSY on South Korea’s political culture. PSY remain free of any formal accusations. The connection between Choi Soon-Sil and Park was given emphasis. Choi Soon-Sil was accused by Park for the mastermind and execution of the complex corruption network that shows the involvement of the entertainment corners. The representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, Ahn Min Seok, charged Choi Soon-Sil for secretly joining the Kpop and hallyu world through his sister Choi Soon Deuk.
Choi Soon Deuk’s daughter Jang Si Ho has been charged of infiltrating the ranks of the South Korea’s entertainment elite, involving PSY and YG Entertainment. The representative talked about a giant agency and its artist, the Korean news outlets connected a rumor that Jang Si Ho and PSY are in a relationship. There are other agencies that were implicated. The implications and the charges about employment of Jang Si Ho are denied by the YG Entertainment. The other artists like 2NE1 and Big Bang were cleared of accusations due to other signings, while the YG Entertainment is surging over the years as stated in a post on Digital Music News . Lee Seung-Cheol, a Korean rocker was also accused of being with Jang Si Ho. The rocker and Choi met as members at the Korean celebrity soccer team which later on denied by Jin & Won Music Works, Seung-Cheol’s management group that they have never met or known with each other. The ongoing investigations may involve other agencies and labels if they will not oppose or battle these investigations.  This shows the benefits of combining the South Korea’s influential entertainment world and politics since it goes far beyond the Korean peninsula, having Kpop influencing the world. There was an announcement that the Kpop superstars BTS worldwide tour has been sold out . The tour travels on Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and the US. The booming of the Korean tour is a great profit for Korea. China prohibit and intensify the ban of the Kpop tour on their country since it shows the serious risk on their market. The substantial associations has been denied by Lee Seung Chul, South Korean imbroligo. The allegations of corruptions has been ongoing investigated by the Korea’s Culture Ministry as cited on One Hallyu . A nationwide protest and violence were made because of the associations and level of influence between Choi and Park, if the connections of PSY are substantive remains unclear and the speculations remains about the exchange of political favors. It could probably run for months, in order to fully understand the current political fog .

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