PS4 Slim Release Date Is Imminent? PlayStation 4 Problems Reason For Sony To Make An ‘Upgrade’, Seen On Previous Generations

PlayStation 4 Slim Release Date: Have you experienced your PS4 encountering problems such and giving you head aches? Are you still waiting for a PlayStation 4 Slim Release Date? As seen on the previous models, namely the PS2 and PS3, slim versions that prevents the dreaded red light of death as seen not only on the Xbox but also on the PlayStation haunt gamers who would play with their consoles for a long period of time that would cause the console to overheat and never be played again.

The slim version brought hope to those unfortunate gamers, which made a well ventilated design and a powerful yet compact feature that would prevent this from happening.

The success of the PlayStation 4 release last year was a huge hit when Sony enjoyed one of the most successful launches in history of gaming consoles and even today, stores are selling these gaming devices like pancakes.

The PlayStation 4 Slim Release Date, however, is a big debate for gamers as to when and if it will happen.

Fans, meanwhile, speculate that this year’s E3 event would launch the PlayStation 4 Slim that would surely hype them up to buy the more stable version of the console.

From Sony community forum, user Alphatum said: “I’m going to wait till E3 to decide.

Sony’s plans or aspirations may look good on paper but until I see the reality behind it I’ll decide whether or not to get one at launch.

I’ve purchased all their previous consoles at launch, but with the PS3 the first year was rather slow and i should of held out for at least a year before buying one.” For more info and news about Playstation 4 Slim Release Date and more news about games, tech and more, keep on tuning here on

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