‘Prometheus 2’ Spoilers & News: New Woman Hero Emerges; Sequel To Go Head To Head With ‘Star Trek 3?’

“Prometheus 2” spoilers and news teased that Noomi Rapace won’t survive the sequel as she will be replaced by an unidentified lady hero.

Is Ridley Scott going head-to-head with “Star Trek 3?” A report from Movie Pilot , allegedly based on the conversation between “Predator” director Nimrod Antal and Ridley Scott, revealed that the working title of the sequel is “Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth.”

“I have actually talked to Ridley (Scott) when we met in London three weeks ago for an interview I did with him.

Off the record he claimed that he was disappointed with the story of Prometheus but when the company pitched the sequel he agreed,” the director supposedly said.

“Indeed the sequel is going to be better but it will NOT focus on the space engineers planet but on planet earth.

Characters from earth will be introduced as signals from the spaceship Noomi is on will prompt Wayland sponsored military to go after it before it reaches earth.” “Noomis character will die in the middle, but a woman hero (military) will take her place.

We will not see the engineers planet until the third installment known as Paradise.

The second is known under it’s working name as Prometheus: Hell on Earth,” he said.

According to various news and reports, “Prometheus 2” is allegedly scheduled for a summer 2016 release which would put it in direct path with “Star Trek 3.” Blastr  said Simon Pegg and Doug Jung will have to finish the screenplay for “Star Trek 3” by June, “with production commencing this summer for a July 8, 2016, release date.” Between “Prometheus 2” and “Star Trek 3,” 2016 is turning out to be a good year for sci-fi film fans.

Judging by the many delays in the sequel to the Ridley Scott film, however, it won’t be a surprise if the sequel will be released in December next year.

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