‘Prometheus 2’ Spoilers: Multiple Plots Run With David And Shaw’s Story? ‘Black Goo’ Explored?

Possible spoilers for “Prometheus 2” have been revealed in the new claim from Scified that the sequel will focus on Elizabeth Shaw and David on their journey aboard the Juggernaut, the ship they used to escape.

“This time frame is said to be glazed over, since Shaw will be incapacitated for most of the trip anyways,” it said .

“There will be 3 main plot lines, Shaw and David’s mission to Paradise is only one of these three.” Of course, David is still incapacitated while on board the juggernaut.

Director Ridley Scott previously said that he will eventually get a body.

As for the “Black Goo,” it will supposedly return, “but not as a weapon, but as a means to create life – the forbidden fruit.” “Shaw and David will not be getting the Answers they want, what they find is truely Horrifying Agenda.

Revalations that seperate even futher the original answers Shaw thought they would find when they got to LV 223 in the first movie,” the article added.

The “Prometheus 2” will give a link between LV 223 and LV 426, and will address some questions in the minds of “Aliens” fans.

Ridley Scott already announced that there’s going to be no Xenomorphs in the sequel, but Scified said, “There will be two Monsters One new, both will have loose connection to the Xeno but they will be different.” But Movie Pilot  advised fans to take the latest spoilers for “Prometheus 2” with a grain of salt.

“While this potential Prometheus 2 plot leak definitely falls in the category of rumor since it naturally hasn’t been confirmed – the source seems somewhat legitimate and and it does line up with what has been reported previously, even lining up with what Ridley Scott has let slip,” it said.

Watch out for more “Prometheus 2” spoilers which will be published when they come along.

The movie is set for a 2016 release date.

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