Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Andreea Campan Of Romania Dreams Of A Day When TVXQ And JYJ Will Share The Stage Again

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Andreea Campan Of Romania Dreams Of A Day When TVXQ And JYJ Will Share The Stage Again
Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Andreea Campan Of Romania Dreams Of A Day When TVXQ And JYJ Will Share The Stage Again

NAME: Andreea Campan AGE: 21 HOME: Oradea, Romania CURRENTLY: KFC employee INTRO TO K-POP: “I remember I was looking for some [Korean] dramas and Taeyang’s ‘ I Need A Girl ‘ appeared as a suggested video,” Campan said.

“I found him to be cute.

So, I clicked on the music video and I fell in love with the song.

From there, everything changed and I started listening K-pop more and more.”

THE DIFFERENCE: “K-pop is something that I’m glad I discovered, because it changed my view about how an artist should be and behave,” said Campan.

“K-pop is so different from everything in my country.

The music is so colorful and features so many genres.

There are so many Korean artists that have such beautiful voices.

K-pop is a new world that can make you happy or sad, something you can totally love.” CULTURAL MISUNDERSTANDINGS: “People in my country don’t understand that Korean music is not the same as Chinese or Japanese music,” Campan said.  “For most people here, it appears that everything Asian is Chinese and they just judge everything that way.” FAVORITE GROUP: TVXQ and JYJ WHY TVXQ AND JYJ: “I can’t choose between them because even though I became a fan only three years ago [several years after the three members of JYJ left TVXQ] the first music video that I watched of them was ‘ Mirotic ‘ and I fell in love with all five members,” Campan said.

“I was quite sad when I discovered that [Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun had left the group] because I thought that they would have become even greater together.

But, I’m not complaining.

I’m glad that they are doing what they like, even though JYJ can’t appear on TV.

But they motivate me to become a good person and give my best to achieve what I want.

I like them because they are special.

Their voices are perfect when blended together, creating something out of this world.

You can’t hear such a perfect harmony just about anywhere else, K-pop or otherwise.

At first, I misjudged these five men because I thought that they were just some pretty faces with no voices.

But now, I’m glad that I gave them a chance, because TXXQ and JYJ are great artists and great people that one should admire.

They went through hell to achieve what they have today.

They are legends.

And someday maybe we will see them again rise as five together.” FAVORITE SONG: TVXQ’s “ Spellbound ” and JYJ’s “ Baboboy ” FAVORITE SOLO ARTIST: Kim Jaejoong of JYJ WHY JAEJOONG: “His voice calms me and he is just plain gorgeous,” Campan said.

“He is a person I truly admire, because I know what he went through to become what he is today.

He makes me see the good part of this life, to achieve what I want even though it is not easy.

Even though I didn’t quite like rock music before him, his voice is just perfect and makes me like rock too.” FAVORITE SONG: “ Butterfly ” HALLYU INSPIRATION: “You can tell how much K-pop singers love what they are doing whether it’s dancing, singing or acting,” Campan said.

“They put in so much effort in order for everything to look and sound good.

That is something that I really appreciate and something I never have seen in my country.” If you’d like to be featured in the “Profile Of A K-pop Fan” column, send an email with a recent photo of yourself to

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