Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 16-Year-Old Michaela La Marche Of Milwaukee On Why B.A.P Is The Best

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 16-Year-Old Michaela La Marche Of Milwaukee On Why B.A.P Is The Best
Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 16-Year-Old Michaela La Marche Of Milwaukee On Why B.A.P Is The Best

NAME: Michaela La Marche AGE: 16 HOME: Milwaukee, Wisconsin CURRENTLY: a junior at Saint Thomas More High School INTRO TO K-POP: “When I was in the fifth grade, a friend if mine posted a video of the Taeyang songs ‘ You’re My/I Need A Girl ,'” La Marche said.

“I watched it and immediately loved the uniqueness of the two songs, that were sung by the same person, but both so different.

I liked the video so much that I asked him to send me more.

He was just into K-pop, so he just sent me ‘ We Belong Together ‘ by Big Bang.

I also really liked that song.

So, I stayed up extra late and found out a ton of information about the group and their songs.

The next day, I was so excited to share with all my friends what my new favorite song was.”

THE DIFFERENCE: “K-pop is different [from other pop music] because of the variety of songs,” La Marche said.

“I really love K-pop, because when I am in a sad mood I can listen to Davichi.

Then, when I’m in a super happy mood, I can put on Sistar and just jam out! K-pop is such a great genre that has something for everyone! Another reason I find K-pop to be different is because not only do the idols have to be good singers, dancers and just plain beautiful, they have to wait years and years to reach a high point in their careers.

To me, this shows good character and commitment.” BIGGEST FAN MOMENT: “I went to a BOYFRIEND concert, back in March, in Chicago,” La Marche said.

“Something really special happened at that concert that I will never forget.

One of the fans was picked to come on stage.

The girl was not physically able to go on stage.

Instead of picking a new person, [BOYFRIEND vocalist] Donghyun insisted that she come as close to the stage as she could.

He jumped down from the stage and stood next to the girl with his arm around her.

I really found this touching that Donghyun cares so much about his fans that he found a way to make the experience special for this girl.” FAVORITE K-POP GROUP: B.A.P WHY B.A.P: “I am completely in love with B.A.P’s music, because of the wide range within one group,” La Marche said.

“One minute, we are getting a super strong, powerful song like ‘Warrior.’ Next, we are given something soothing and sexy like ‘Body & Soul.’ Finally, in their most recent song, ‘ Where are you? What Are You Doing? ‘ we get to see a cute and loving side to B.A.P, that was unexpected considering their debut song.” FAVORITE B.A.P SONG: ” With You ” FAVORITE K-POP SOLO ARTIST: Jay Park WHY JP: “I am really intrigued by his overwhelming confidence and attitude,” La Marche said.

“He has a beautiful voice and amazing dance skills that I can’t stop listening to and watching.

Jay Park is an inspiration to all upcoming or inspiring R&B singers and B-Boys who want to make it as big as him.

I really admire Jay Park and I look forward to his future in the industry.” FAVORITE JAY PARK SONG: ” Secret ” RISING K-POP STAR: Crush “Everyone should keep an eye out for Crush,” La Marche said.

 “I absolutely adore his music and voice.

I think Crush is amazing because he puts 100 percent into the songs he releases.” The teen cites the singer’s ability both as a songwriter and an artist as the reason for his considerable potential.

“I think he is a wild card and I am super excited to see where he will go in the future,” she said.

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