‘Produce 101’ Season Two Episode 7 Result

'Produce 101' Season Two Episode 7 Result

'Produce 101' Season Two Episode 7 Result

On the seventh episode of “Produce 101” season two, the remaining groups performed on stage based on their position. In this episode, the winners of each position were revealed and they received 110,000 additional points. Previously, the boys were divided into groups based on rap, vocal, and dance position and they were given the songs to choose. The songs chosen were from BTS, Black Pink, BoA, and much more. The winner of each group received 10,000 additional points and the winner of each position received 110,000 points. The winners for each position were Lee Keon Hee in vocal position with 717 votes, Kim Jong Hyun in rap position with 665 votes, and Roh Tae Hyun in dance position with 621 votes, AllKpop  reported. The 110,000 additional points will help them to climb up their ranking and secure their spot in the top 11.
Meanwhile, the winner in each group received 10,000 additional points and there were some surprising results in this seventh episode. Some trainees in the top position didn’t get many votes and they even got low votes compared to other trainees. For example, Kim Samuel was previously in the second position dropped into 35th position because he received fewer votes in his group compared to other members. In “Get Ugly” team, Park Ji Hoon who was previously in the first place didn’t win the votes and he came in the second position while Park Woo Jin took the first place in this group. Park Woo Jin received 10,000 additional votes for coming in the first place. Watching the result, some trainees shed in tears because they didn’t get the result they expected, Korea Portal  reported. Recently, a picture of Kim Samuel’s fan went viral because she revealed a sweet story of her and the trainee. As the trainees of “Produce 101” aren’t allowed to take pictures with fans, Kim Samuel gave a doll he got from a crane game to his fan, Koreaboo  reported. It will be another battle for the boys to compete in the next episode of “Produce 101” season two. Trainees with or without debut experience need to do their best in their performance to get to the top 11. Read Next: W Korea Shared More Pictures Of CL Wearing Different Swimsuits For June Issue

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