‘Produce 101’ Season 2’s Kwon Hun Bin Got Much Hate For His Rude Attitude In The Show

'Produce 101' Season 2's Kwon Hun Bin Got Much Hate For His Rude Attitude In The Show

'Produce 101' Season 2's Kwon Hun Bin Got Much Hate For His Rude Attitude In The Show

One of “Produce 101” season 2’s contestants, Kwon Hyun Bin, got a lot of hate from viewers after the show revealed the real character of him. He was showing a lack of enthusiasm when he did a battle with his team. In the show, Kwon Hyun Bin’s real attitude was captured on camera. In his team, his teammate reminded him to practice but he kept saying that he needed to sleep. In one time, he was caught listening to music when he should have been practicing. He even raised his voice against his team mate. After the performance, he ended up getting the highest score and said that he would put everything on his dream. It seems that his words do not match to his attitude he showed, AllKpop  reported. Many netizens pointed out his lack of enthusiasm and his rude manner.
Knowing his real attitude, netizens expressed their anger not only to “Produce 101” official page of him but also on his Instagram. Netizens stated their hate on his Instagram a lot. As a respond to much hate, Kwon Hyun Bin finally deleted all his posts in his Instagram. Kwon Hyun Bin seems to clear everything on his Instagram and doesn’t want to read the hate comments anymore. Kwon Hyun Bin is a trainee from YG K+. It is a label under YG Entertainment and is known as a modeling agency. The average of the models is 180 cm and Kwon Hyun Bin stands out for his height. He ha a handsome face and quite nice style. He was even chosen as the top 6 trainees with great styles, chosen by netizens, Kpopmap  reported. His height and his charm seemed to let him rise on top with many votes for him. Yet, after knowing his attitude, the result might be twisted in the next episode. In “Produce 101” season 2, there is no definite result until the final episode. Every trainee needs to show their hard work and charm to win the vote. As for Kwon Hyun Bin, maybe he can learn something from this. Read Next: Shinwa’s Eric Wrote Letter To Fans About His Upcoming Marriage With Actress Na Hye Mi: He Gave Honest Detail About His Relationship

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