PRISTIN Finally Debuts Mini Album ‘HI! PRISTIN’ And Title Track ‘Wee Woo’

PRISTIN Finally Debuts Mini Album 'HI! PRISTIN' And Title Track 'Wee Woo'

PRISTIN Finally Debuts Mini Album 'HI! PRISTIN' And Title Track 'Wee Woo'

After teasing fans with some teaser images and clips, finally PRISTIN released their debut MV “Wee Woo.” Having ten members with two members from ex temporary girl group IOI, the girls danced energetically in their first song. PRISTIN is the girl group from Pledis Entertainment. Formed in 2016, the girls finally had their debut on Mar. 21. The members are Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung, Yehana, Sungyeon, Siyeon, and Kyla. Two members Nayoung and Kyulkyung debuted before with IOI. Before having their official debut, the girls have made some appearances in Seventeen’s MVs and also served as backup dancers in some concerts.
Before deciding to name the group PRISTIN, the girls were first known as Pledis Girlz. They have made some performances and also held their last concert before their official debut. The girls released “HI! PRISTIN” mini album consists of six songs under a new group name. The title track chosen was “Wee Woo” and it was an upbeat song that could make anybody sing along, reported AllKpop . The lyric is about a girl having a crush but the boy seems to not be interested in her. The girl’s heart is beating fast like wee woo. It is a dangerous situation for the girl when she gets close to her crush, making her heart beats fast. The members of PRISTIN are so happy with this debut. After working hard as trainees for several years, they finally made their official appearance. It was more special as the debut was first broadcast live through MNet, OneHallyu  mentioned in its report. Showcasing their mini album, they sang their title track “Wee Woo” and another song “Black Widow,” reported Soompi . The girls did really well in their performance, keeping their voices steady while dancing. The girls had a great start and already garnered a solid fan base as they have made some appearances even before debuting. Their fans hope to see the group last longer and reach some achievements.

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